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Apr 23, 2012: Bob Webber Tribute


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Robert E. Webber

Bob Webber

Robert E. Webber

(Nov. 27, 1933 – Apr. 27, 2007)

Though deeply missed,
his vision thrives.

Whatever thy hand finds to do,
do it with all your might

(Ecclesiastes 9:10).

There is no story but God’s; no God but the Father, Son and Spirit; and no life but the baptized life.

-Robert Webber, The Divine Embrace: Recovering the Passionate Spiritual Life (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2006), 243.

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1 Comment

  1. darrell a. harris says:

    I typically try to pay attention to the calendar. Well I should say calendars . . . both the worship one and and the secular one.

    However the last week or so sort of got away from me. I had a delightful time prepping for and participating in the Worship Leader Magazine’s Song DISCovery Creative Conference in Nashville.

    But with the responsibility of two morning devotions, two one-hour workshops and an authors-track panel (all on topics that were new for me,) pretty much nothing existed for me except the conference for a week or more.

    Typically I very intentionally pause to remember Bob’s life and passing on the day of his death. But I am only now catching my breath and doing so this year.

    I love the fact that the Christian calendar remembers and celebrates the departed on the date of their leaving this life and passing into the next. It is a magnificent expression of faith and hope. Eternal life was purchased for us at such dear cost on the cross. We begin entering in at conversion and baptism and increase in our “possession of the land” as we grow in grace. But perhaps we never fully take possession until our passage at death.

    “We miss you so much Bob. Please pray for us, for wisdom and fulness of Spirit, to continue in the mission you birthed and raised such a powerful standard for here!”

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