Anamnesis 28: August 2012

From the Editor

By Kent Walters, D.W.S.

This edition of Anamnesis has a new look and function. You’ll notice several articles begin below and link to another page where they appear in their entirety. This format makes the newsletter more compact and allows us to publish the articles separately as well. Hopefully this approach will be easy and enjoyable to read. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Numerous updates from alumni and faculty are included in this edition. Be sure to follow the Alumni Updates link to read all the news from our alums.

In fact, this newsletter is loaded with hyperlinks that expand every story and report with additional information and inspiration for those who follow those trails. Happy reading!

The Lord be with you!

President’s Column

By James Hart, D.W.S.

For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all God’s people, I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers (Ephesians 1:15-16).

Due to the faithful blessing of the Lord and your faithful and generous support and advocacy, this past fiscal year has again been a remarkable year of achievement, even exceeding the record setting gains of last year. Thank you! Here are a few year-end facts which we can celebrate together: [Read more . . . ]

Faculty Column: Beyond Style Debates (Questions to Renew All Christian Worship)

By Lester Ruth, Ph.D.

Editors Note: We published this article a few years ago, but it deserves a re-read. The thought-provoking questions Lester Ruth poses are essential for all worship planners who are serious about thinking biblically about worship and leading their churches in doing the same.

These questions seek to get at things so essential that they should apply to all Christian worship. Hopefully, they cultivate goals that go beyond personal preferences and style issues. [Read more . . . ]

Student Focus: Worship Renewal at Willow Creek Church, Winter Springs, FL

By Jeff Vogan, D.W.S. Candidate

Editor’s note: Jeff Vogan is the Director of Worship and Music at Willow Creek Church, PCA in Winter Springs, Florida. You can find out more about Jeff and his ministry at

I’ve been a worship leader for over twenty years now, but the things I’ve learned in the last two years at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies have really been life changing. Not only that, but since beginning the doctorate of worship studies program, the Lord has allowed me to lead in some significant areas of worship renewal at Willow Creek Church. [Read more . . . ]

June Worship Seminar Reflections

Chris Hall

Chris Hall’s two-day seminar, Worshiping With the Church Fathers, was enthusiastically received. The large number of registrants necessitated moving the seminar to a new location this year, which proved to be very comfortable: the Orange Park Woman’s Club, across the street from the IWS offices.  The seminar was based on Chris’ book of the same title.

Here are a few quotes from seminar attendees:

Chris Hall did a very good job helping us connect with many of the church fathers. He talked about them as if they were his good friends. He is clearly an authority on the topic.

For me, Chris Hall was just perfect. I liked his content, demeanor, and ability to be both factual and devotional. He kept the content moving and interesting, and was extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared.

The seminar was excellent. The material was engaging and helpful both professionally and personally.

I appreciate the intimate learning atmosphere that Chris Hall created. He was able to open many insights into the Church Fathers, which was very helpful both for the information and for personal application.

What did Chris Hall think of IWS after his first visit on campus? Read his endorsement of IWS.

Audio files of the seminar sessions are available to download or listen online. Outlines and notes can be found by following the same link.

Click on the pictures below to see the full version. To see more pictures from the seminar go to the June 2012 Worship Seminar Gallery.

Resources from the June 2012 Session

Resources from the June 2012 Session that you may access on our website include audio files of the Chapel Series: Create Dangerously, the Presidential Address, Convocation and Commencement sermons, and the Chris Hall Worship Seminar: Worshiping with the Church Fathers, as well as worship bulletins and several photo galleries. Click here for more details and links.

Alumni Updates

Recent news from IWS alumni serving around the world.

Chuck Betters, D.W.S., Lambda 2007

I was recently called by our congregation, Glagow Church (PCA) in Bear, DE, as an associate pastor. The next step is to appear before the presbytery and finish seminary at Reformed Theological. We are going through a major renovation of our sanctuary, and I am preaching 18-20 times a year. I am also headmaster of a large Christian school that our church acquired this past year called Red Lion Christian Academy. The doctorate I was blessed to earn at IWS has proven to be key during this time. [Read more alumni news . . . ]

Faculty and Staff News

Read updates from our faculty and staff: Constance Cherry on her work this summer including her new book, new publications by Andrew Hill, a live online course on Christian wisdom by Carla Waterman, and a new ministry and baby for Sam Horowitz. Also, introductions of our new office staff. [Read more . . . ]

Congratulations 2012 Graduates!

On Sunday evening, June 17, 2012, the sanctuary of Grace Episcopal Church was filled for IWS’ 11th Commencement service. Worship was lead by Rodney Shores (D.W.S., Zeta 2005), Dan Sharp conducted the choir, Chris Hall delivered the sermon (listen to the commencement sermon), Teresa Gardner (D.W.S., Tau 2011) lead liturgical dance, and the Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Mackey was the Celebrant. (See the worship bulletin.) Twenty-eight graduates received their degrees: 20 D.W.S., 7 M.W.S., 1 A.G.C.W.S., swelling the ranks of the IWS Alumni Association to 331. (View the Graduates Insert.)

Click on the photos below to see the full-size version. For additional photos of Commencement and the graduates, follow these links: 2012 Graduates Photo Gallery; Commencement and June Session 2012 Photos.

2012 Graduates

Worship Seminar, January 7-8, 2013

Mark the dates for our winter worship seminar in (almost always) sunny Florida with Dr. Gordon T. Smith, President and Professor of Systematic and Spiritual Theology at Ambrose University College and Seminary, Calgary, Alberta. The topic is Worship and Sacramental Spirituality.

Gordon T. SmithDr. Smith has been the president of reSource Leadership International, an agency that fosters excellence in theological education in the developing world, and was recently appointed President of Ambrose College University and Seminary. He previously served as Academic Dean at Regent College. An ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Dr. Smith is the author of a number of books, including Transforming Conversion: Rethinking the Language and Contours of Christian Initiation (Baker Academic, 2010), The Lord’s Supper: Five Views (IVP, 2008), and The Voice Of Jesus: Discernment, Prayer And The Witness Of The Spirit (IVP, 2006).


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