Announcing the New Online Bookstore

We are excited to announce the launch of our all-new online bookstore to serve IWS students, faculty, alumni, staff, and friends!

The Institute for Worship Studies is working with respected online retailer Christian Book Distributors (CBD) to provide the Institute for Worship Studies community the ability to easily purchase textbooks, recommended reading materials, and other Christian books and products – all in one convenient location. Your purchase, shipping and customer service are all handled by CBD, a trusted retailer for many years.

Course Materials…

Screenshot of the IWS Online BookstoreThe fine folks at are helping us make as much as possible of the required and optional course material for each class available to students. The prices are extremely competitive and they ship to just about every country in the world at reasonable rates.

Many titles are already available as ebooks for students who prefer to have their texts in a digital format.

Over time, we’ll even be able to make faculty course-packs available for download as well.

…and More

Unlike our previous store, which exclusively sold course texts, the whole inventory is available in one convenient store. Pick up works authored by our founder, Bob Webber, or faculty and alumni! And, of course, we have more than just books available in the store: Bible studies, movies, music, gifts, even Communion supplies and clothing are now available.

Why Buy from Our Store?

You’ll find prices in the new bookstore extremely competitive with other online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Right now, there are large number of titles featured in our store at a lower price than other popular large-volume bookstores. The selection of available material relevant to your courses of study and other interests is unparalleled. Top top it off, you know you will be doing business with integrity, dealing with Christ-oriented people.

In addition, IWS receives a percentage of the sale of every purchased item — from ebooks to clerical shirts to MP3 music tracks — as long as it’s done from the site. That’s right: you can shop in our store, get a fair price, and help support the ongoing work of IWS in forming servant leaders in Christian worship renewal.

You don’t have to be a current student to make use of the store. Our alumni, faculty and staff can participate, of course. But you can also invite your friends, family, coworkers… even your praise band or choir members can shop at the IWS online bookstore, take advantage of’s good prices, and support the school!

Go Shopping

The new bookstore is open today and the textbook finder is already loaded with materials for the January 2013 session, for those of you working on projects right now. You’ll find new links in the main menu at IWS, and on Moodle as well for quick reference. Click over and see for yourself!