Audio files from the June 2013 Chapel series entitled The One Thing: One Grand, Multicultural Mission, taught by Darrell A. Harris, are posted below. You may access additional audio files, and audio files from previous chapel sessions.

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Chapel 1: Four Evangelists, One Commission (Acts 1:1-14) (12:01)

Chapel 2: Which Came First, the Mission or the Church? (Lk 4:16-30) (8:46)

Chapel 3: A Rough Guide to Multicultural Mission (Eph 3:7-21) (12:04)

Chapel 4: Babel, Boundaries and Bridge Building (Gen 11:1-9) (11:18)

Chapel 5: The Ruinous Power of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-16) (14:55)

Chapel 6: Entertaining Angels: Hospitality and Mission (1 Kngs 17:8-16) (16:14)