June 23, 2014


15th Anniversary Badge

Treasures of IWS: Kent Walters

Dr. Walters has served as Director of Alumni Activities since 2004 and on the DWS faculty since 2008. He is an alumnus of the Alpha Class. “IWS is a place of transformation. Robert Webber envisioned and created an invigorating academic experience where worship theology is worked out in community. God has blessed this vision and...
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Bob Webber

June 23, 2014: God’s Vision for the World

God’s vision for the world is remembered and anticipated in worship. Worship is all about how God, [who] with his own two hands—the incarnate Word and the Holy Spirit—has rescued the world. . . . The centerpiece of his saving action is the incarnation, death, and resurrection, where sin and death have been defeated and...
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