Michael Hawn: Contemporary Classical Hymnody

Michael HawnListen to Session 3 on contemporary hymnody from the seminar, “You Are What You Sing: Faith Formation Through Congregational Song” by C. Michael Hawn, held June 16-17, 2014 at IWS.

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Session 3: Stream 2–Contemporary Classical Hymnody (42:43)

Overview: These hymns follow in the tradition of Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley. Their themes range from creation, ecology, mission of the church, social issues, to worship and the arts. Some of the most important names include Fred Pratt Green, Timothy Dudley Smith, Brian Wren, Carl Daw, Jr., Tom Troeger, Ruth Duck, Shirley Erena Murray, Mary Louise Bringle, and many more.

Michael Hawn reflects on the June 2014 worship seminar experience:

The seminar I led in June 2014 on congregational song at IWS was a pure delight. One rarely encounters a group that is so open to learn and thirsty for any information that one can offer. The discourse of the seminar discussion was on a high level offering the opportunity to learn from each other as well as from the professor–just as it should be. I am rarely given this much time to share these ideas and process them in such depth. Thanks for this opportunity IWS alums and friends.

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