Hawn Seminar Reflections: Pure Delight

Michael Hawn“The seminar I led . . . at IWS was a pure delight” (Michael Hawn, June 2014).

Seminar attendees encountered a rich variety of worship songs from across time and around the world in a musicological and theological journey led by Michael Hawn in his two-day seminar, You Are What You Sing: Spiritual Formation Through Congregational Song. The seminar examined what Hawn has categorized as seven streams of congregational song that shape the North American church. Reflecting musical style and distinct theological themes, these streams provide an overview of Christian piety in North America.

The seminar was a delight for attendees as well. Here are a few quotes:

  • It was an immense blessing to me to come learn, participate and grow. Dr. Hawn is a very gifted, experienced, and diverse musician, worship leader, and student/teacher of global worship contexts, structures and styles.

Hawn Seminar

  • I marvel at Dr. Hawn’s talent and his knowledge in this area. My horizon for congregational singing has been broadened.
  • The seminar was excellent, informative and engaging.
  • Michael Hawn is an experienced teacher. He is a scholar with a heart and passion for church music ministry. He embodied the “song.” The course was well-balanced with theological reflection and suggestions for application.
  • Excellent! Relevant to my work as a professor and worship leader.

Michael Hawn, who is also a member of the IWS faculty in the Masters program, clearly enjoyed his time back at IWS. He said,

The seminar I led in June 2014 on congregational song at IWS was a pure delight. One rarely encounters a group that is so open to learn and thirsty for any information that one can offer. The discourse of the seminar discussion was on a high level offering the opportunity to learn from each other as well as from the professor—just as it should be. I am rarely given this much time to share these ideas and process them in such depth. Thanks for this opportunity, IWS alums and friends.

Audio files of the sessions are available for streaming online or downloading. Here is the link: https://iws.edu/2014/07/michael-hawn-june-2014-seminar-media/

Our next seminar will be held January 12-13, 2015 and will be taught by Dr. Carla Waterman. The topic is Authentic Lament: Deep Calls to Deep in Personal and Corporate Prayer.

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