Announcing the Scholarship Fund Class Challenge Winners

The national average for Alumni giving is 13%,1 so we are extremely proud to announce that alumni giving at IWS is 43.4%. Thank you for loving and providing generous support of your school!

We especially want to thank all our alumni who participated in the Scholarship Fund Class Challenge and especially the Class Whips who put in the time and effort to make sure this campaign was successful. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Scholarship Fund Class Challenge at this time.

With 58% participation, our class participation runner-up is the Alpha Class! Great job!

With 75% participation, our class participation winner is the Nun Class! Excellent job!

With $4,195 raised, our runner up in total contributions is the Upsilon Class. Super job!

With $4,400 raised and in first place for total scholarship fund contributions is the Theta Class! Fabulous job!

Again, we thank all who have given of their time and finances—to this campaign or any other! IWS raised a total of $28,195 for scholarships during the year. It is because of those gifts that we are able to provide financial assistance to so many students in need. You are the key that opens the door for people who would otherwise not get the education in worship studies they need to continue spreading worship renewal around the globe! May the Lord continue to bless you as you give generously!

1 According to US News and World Report, cited from here