IWS News Summary, Spr 2015

IWS Accreditation Reaffirmation

LogoShield-500The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) recently reaffirmed our accredited status. The accreditation evaluation team commended IWS for its “in-depth and thorough approach to the entire self-study process and its commitment to improve the Institution.” The team also commended IWS for its commitment to the mission, strong financial stability, exemplary retention, graduation rates and its highly qualified and credentialed faculty. [Read more.]

Faculty Changes Announced

In a January meeting of the faculty, Dr. Dinelle Frankland and Dr. Donna Hawk-Reinhard were approved as permanent faculty members, Ms. Susan Massey was appointed as Library Director (with faculty status), and Dr. Jessica Howe Jones was given an initial three-term appointment. In addition, Dr. Lester Ruth announced that the January 2015 Session would be his last time teaching at IWS. [Read more.]

Impact of the IWS Scholarship Fund

Jim Hart reports, “Over the past four and a half years the IWS Scholarship Funds ScholarshipVideoImagehave enabled approximately one hundred students to attend IWS who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Thanks to [donor] generosity, these high-achieving students are having a substantial impact on the churches, schools and communities where they serve around the globe.”

ScholarshipChallengeLast year, the Nun Class won the scholarship challenge with 75% class participation and the Upsilon Class won in the most donated category. It is not too late to donate to the Scholarship Fund and push your class to victory in the scholarship challenge. You may give online here.

Another incentive for scholarship giving is the Ruby Cherry Scholarship Fund that was established in honor of Constance Cherry’s mother, who died in 2008. Constance writes, “She was a beautiful, godly woman who had a very deep passion for world missions. RubyCherryEven as a busy pastor’s wife, she devoted many years serving missionary organizations. She served in leadership at the local, state, and national levels of The Women’s Missionary Association of the United Brethren in Christ. . . . Our international students are greatly increasing in number. Several experience daily persecution for their faith. I marvel at how many leaders outside of the U.S. hunger for worship education. However, many of these international students simply could not attend IWS without this financial aid. . . . I invite you to join me in giving to the scholarship in my mother’s name so that many more worthy students can learn how to lead worship renewal throughout the world.”

View this year’s Scholarship Campaign video.

January Session 2015 Resources

For your inspiration and edification, media resources from the January Session are available on the IWS website. Click on the links below.

IWS Video Contest Winners

SuumVideoImageHave you seen the videos by this year’s contest winners: Mike O’Brien (M.W.S. student), David Suum (D.W.S. student) and Tami Cinquemani (M.W.S. student)?  They are inspiring and effective tools that tell the IWS story from different perspectives. Check them out and share with others!


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