Carla Waterman Seminar Reflections

“I was once again refreshed being with you at IWS.” (Carla Waterman, January 2015).

Dr. Carla WatermanSeminar attendees took a journey through lament in the Psalms of the Sons of Korah and emerged encouraged and renewed by hope from Carla Waterman’s two-day seminar, Lament and Longing: Songs of Hope in Personal and Corporate Prayer.

Here are a few quotes from attendees:

  • Carla’s seminar both scratched an “academic itch” that has been festering since completing my course work and ministered to my soul.
  • For those of us who know Carla Waterman, you understand that my blessing went way beyond my expectation. I already have my sights set on going back for another seminar.
  • The seminar could have been billed as IWS 901. It felt like “being home” again in the doctoral program, only this time without a doctoral project or thesis hanging over our heads. All delight and no worry.
  • Vintage Carla. Deep, reflective, formative.

Carla Waterman, who co-taught DWS 704 for many years, reflected on this opportunity to be back at IWS:

What a privilege to be back among you for the two days of this winter’s worship seminar. I knew many former students among the participants, and it often seems as though we picked up where we left off, whether we were last in class together five or fifteen years ago. I loved glimpsing something of our journeys along the way as we dwelt together with the Sons of Korah and engaged God through their cries of lament. This was a seminar marked with the joy of camaraderie and renewed hope in God, and I was once again refreshed being with you at IWS.

Two alumni shared what it was like for them to “come home” to the IWS community:

sgarrettI was among the fortunate persons to be a part of the IWS January seminar with Carla Waterman. I went to Jacksonville knowing that just being on the IWS campus alone would feed my soul, but for those of us who know Carla Waterman, you understand that my blessing went way beyond that single expectation. As we gathered around her teaching and meaningful insights into Psalms of lament, the purpose of my being there became more and more apparent and applicable to my own life of ministry. Shared insights of fellow participants provided a rich flow of the Spirit among friends. I already have my sights set on going back for another seminar, and if not for my daughter’s wedding, I would see you at IWS for the June 2015 seminar (Shannon Garrett, D.W.S., Mu 2010).

KarenDurbin_01-15It had been three years since my graduation from IWS. This past January, the opportunity to explore the theme of lament with Dr. Waterman and the anticipation of conversation with other alumni and faculty drew me back to the place where the transforming Spirit of God had changed me in unexpected ways. It was particularly encouraging to share similar stories with several alumni. We talked about God’s leading in our lives and the ruinous work of the Holy Spirit that had taken us to surprising places in ministry. The Healing and Eucharist Service, the chanting of Psalms, singing Eric Wyse’s “Lord’s Prayer” with the IWS community, and a profound conversation with Dr. Wilde, were highlights for me. I hope to come back for another IWS alumni seminar very soon (Karen Durbin, D.W.S., Xi 2011, M.W.S., Beth 2005).

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