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Dr. Mark Labberton
Dr. Mark Labberton

Listen to and view sessions from the Dr. Mark Labberton seminar, “Worship That Shows and Matters” held at IWS, June 2015. Audio recordings and video clips are available below. View photos from the seminar event.

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The God of Worship (Isaiah 40)

Overview: Worship that is for and about God involves the right ordering of reality. If worship is our central purpose, then God is worship’s author and audience. All worship takes its lead from the character and glory of God. Whatever our context, God is the origin and measure of our worship. In today’s church cultures, this is a radically counter-cultural claim and the heart of various crises in the life and mission of the church.

Video clip from the session on Isaiah 40: “What Does it Mean to Give God Glory?

Video clip from the session on Isaiah 40: “The Crisis of Worship

Video clip from the session on Isaiah 40: “Addressing Injustice

The Call of Worship (Psalm 8)

Overview: Worship is our human vocation within the context of the whole created order. It is an encompassing and communal vocation that is meant to involve all dimensions of our lives and extend to all aspects of the world we inhabit. Worship is a life of paying attention.

Video clip from the session on Psalm 8: “Paying Attention

The Freedom of Worship (Phil 2)

Overview: The liberty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a freedom that moves us towards God, the people of God and the world. Our liturgies need to be tools that help such liberty become the environment that liberates us to love in relation to lives and places in which injustice, suffering, pain rather than justice, shalom, and hope rule.

Video clip from the session on Phil 2: “Evaluating Song Lyrics

The Hope of Worship (Rev 21)

Overview: The trajectory of worship points beyond this moment to a resurrected life and hope to which our worship testifies, practices and prepares us. This is not liturgical and ecclesiastical denial, but enactment. It shows in the sanctuary and it shows in the streets.

Mark Labberton reflects on his June 2015 experience at IWS:

Dr. Mark Labberton

What a privilege and joy to be at IWS! When students lean into the content and the community like they do at IWS, the learning experience is transformative. I highly commend it for faculty and student alike.

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