Christians who disagree over matters of theological or moral significance can turn on one another with extraordinary fierceness.  How we deal with the people with whom we disagree on important matters reveals our own deepest commitments. This clip is from Dr. Christine Pohl’s session on the Hindrances to Fidelity in the seminar “Cultivating Community and Worship: Practices that Define and Sustain Us” at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies in June 2016.

Audio only (Download) [5:43]

Listen to the entire session on Hindrances to Fidelity: Addressing the Difficulties of Promising [26:08] (Download)

Overview: Despite the importance of promises and promising, many values and commitments in contemporary culture threaten the practice in church and in relationships more generally. Experiences of betrayal and broken promises in families, congregations, and communities are common and devastating. Strengthening fidelity and rebuilding community after betrayal are crucial.

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