Dr. Gerald BorchertThe increase in biblical illiteracy in churches today challenges Christians to rediscover the centrality of Jesus in the biblical narrative, to recognize the many facets of this Jesus who is Lord in the biblical portraits, to re-imagine those portraits as clues for developing authentically integrative patterns of worship and life, and to redeploy them as paradigms for renewal of both worship and service in order to impact present and future ministries.

Below you will find several media resources from Dr. Gerald Borchert’s January 2017 seminar at IWS, The Portraits of Jesus: Models for Worship and Mission Renewal, which was based on his book Portraits of Jesus for an Age of Biblical Illiteracy (Smyth & Helwys 2017). Additional media from this seminar will be posted in the future.


Romans, Part 1–
Religion vs. Authentic Worship [Download 42:07]


Romans, Part 2–
Key to Worship: Walking in the Spirit [Download 19:46]




Worship Is a Verb


Corinthians, Part 1 [Download 17:56]


Corinthians, Part 2–
Church Order [Download 13:18]


Corinthians, Part 3–
Paul’s View of Women in the Church [Download 40:29]


Gospel of John [Download 26:16]


Dr. Borchert reflected on his experience back on campus at IWS following the Jan 2017 seminar:

Gerald Borchert SeminarIt was a delightful privilege to return and lead the recent seminar at the Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies.  The contextual worship was thoroughly refreshing and the encounter with eager students, alumni and faculty was once again a marvelously enriching experience. The readiness of persons to learn, digest and dialog concerning interrelated theological ideas, particularly as they relate to worship, is a clear sign of an excellent theological environment. The responses and comments of the participants in my seminar were exceedingly heartwarming. The school continues to be a model of what Bob Webber hoped to develop in his dream for an institution focused on a holistic approach to Christian life and worship.

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