July 30, 2018: Frequency of Communion

Robert E. Webber

Here [is the second of] five practical suggestions that will help Communion become a more powerful medium for communicating God’s saving work and our appropriation of it. . . . 2. Increase the frequency of celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection at the Communion Table. It was the norm of the early church to proclaim Christ’s death and resurrection at the Table every Sunday. . . . The testimony of those who have turned to more frequent Communion affirms that it develops, enhances, and encourages a growing relationship with the Lord.

-Robert Webber, Worship Is a Verb: Celebrating God’s Mighty Deeds of Salvation, Second Edition (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 1996), 97.

About the author

Alumni Director, Practicum Professor, and DWS graduate.