Catechesis as a Way of Life (January 2022 Chapel Messages)

IWS Chaplain Rev. Dr. Nancy Nethercott, along with Associate Chaplains Rev. Juan Lopez and Rev. Dr. Walter Brown, delivered these six homilies to the community during the January 2022 intensive session.

Gift-Giving Like the Magi

Rev. Dr. Nancy Nethercott, IWS Chaplain, speaks about the magi as models for worship.
* Psalm 113
* Acts 17:16-31

Knowing the Shepherd

Rev. Dr. Nancy Nethercott, IWS Chaplain, kicks off the January 2022 series on Catechesis as a way of life.
* Psalm 23:1
* Isaiah 45:18-25
* Psalm 118:22-29

Following the Shepherd

Assistant Chaplain Rev. Juan Lopez tells us how what it means to be followers of the Good Shepherd, learning over the course of our lifetimes how to be disciples of Jesus.
* Psalm 23:2-3
* John 10:1-18
* Psalm 107:28-36

Journeying Without Fear

Rev. Dr. Nancy Nethercott, IWS Chaplain, explains what happens when we learn to trust God with the many things we try to carry on our own.
* Psalm 23:4
* Lamentations 3:19-33
* Psalm 9

Receiving Anointing

Associate Chaplain Rev. Dr. Walter M. Brown connects theological training, catechesis, and the bounteous provision of God’s very Spirit.
* Psalm 23:5
* 1 John 2:21-27
* Psalm 104

Catechesis as a Way of Life

Being a disciple means living a Jesus-immersive experience, says IWS Chaplain Rev. Dr. Nancy Nethercott. How do we do that?
* Psalm 23:6
* Romans 12:1-20
* Psalm 100

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