Resources from the Spring 2022 Webinars

Lester Ruth and Jonathan Ottaway on Flow: The Ancient Way to Do Contemporary Worship

“There are qualities in the description of ancient Christian worship that we today should more normally associate with the style of contemporary worship than with traditional worship.”

Lester Ruth

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Gerald Borchert on Tension: Empowering Christian Thought and Life

“Do tensions always need to be resolved, or can we at times live creatively with them and recognize that there may be strength within tensions?”

Gerald Borchert

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Cherry Worship Architect

Constance Cherry on The Worship Architect, Second Edition

“Once we use the word ‘worship’ to apply to everything we do, we can end up concluding that it all means the same thing and fulfills the same purposes.”

Constance Cherry

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Lester Ruth and Lim Swee Hong on A History of Contemporary Praise and Worship

We have told the history of Contemporary Praise & Worship as a journey of theologizing beginning with the Bible.

Lester Ruth and Lim Swee Hong

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