Announcing: IWS Worship Seminar June 2023

IWS Faculty Perspectives on Worship Renewal

January 2020 Worship Seminar

On-Campus Seminar, June 26-27, 2023 taught by members of the IWS faculty

Just like being in the classroom again at IWS! Or, a great opportunity to see firsthand what everyone is talking about: the life-changing, ruinous experience called IWS!

The seminar will include 8 stimulating sessions over two days on topics of worship renewal by IWS faculty members:

  • Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah, DWS 704 Professor
  • Dr. Constance Cherry, DWS 702 Professor
  • Dr. Dinelle Frankland, MWS 501 Professor, Academic Dean
  • Dr. James Hart, IWS President
  • Dr. Andrew Hill, DWS 701 Professor
  • Dr. Lou Kaloger, MWS 503 Professor
  • Dr. Reggie Kidd, DWS 704 Professor
  • Dr. Alan Rathe, DWS 701 Professor

SAVE THE DATES: Monday-Tuesday, June 26-27, 2023! Registration will open soon! Watch for more information!

About the author

Alumni Director, Practicum Professor, and DWS graduate.