Students have the right to appeal a grade received for an assignment, examination or course.


  • Students who believe that a grade they have received is incorrect must speak to the course professor within a month of receiving the grade, indicating why they believe the grade is incorrect.
  • If consultation with the professor fails to resolve the difference, the student may, within 14 days of consulting the professor, submit a written appeal to the Academic Dean, including a report on the student’s consultation with the faculty member. The appeal should provide full particulars of why the grade should be changed. Though it should be understood that the professor is the final arbiter of the grade.
  • If, in the judgment of the Academic Dean, there are sufficient grounds for an appeal, he/she will consult with the professor to review whether IWS’s assessment rubrics and grading policies have been followed.
  • If the review results in a change of grade, the professor will report the revised grade to the Registrar on the requisite form.
  • The decision of the professor shall be final and shall be rendered within a month of receiving the appeal.
  • If the dispute relates to a course taught by the Academic Dean and consultation with him/her fails to resolve the matter, the appeal should be directed to the President.