Dan Lee

Dan Lee: Three Elements of Ministry

Unlike any other profession, ministry requires three elements: (1) a conviction of God’s calling; (2) a passion for God’s Kingdom; and (3) a compassion for God’s people. Dan Lee Three Elements of Ministry
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Mark Torgerson: Embracing Our Heritage (Appreciating & Maximizing our Environments for Worship & Ministry)

IWS faculty member Mark Torgerson presented a workshop at the 2007 Calvin Symposium on Worship on the fundamental influences in church architecture during the twentieth century and the potential value of these designs. Read more for workshop audio, notes and a link to Dr. Torgerson's book.
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Robert E. Webber

David Neff Interviews Robert E. Webber: Together in the Jesus Story

Northern seminary’s Bob Webber likes to tell this story. One day during his tenure at Wheaton College, a colleague remarked, “Webber, you act like there never was a Reformation.” Bob recalls saying, “You act like there never was an ancient church.” The trick for Protestants, of course, is to hold these two sources of our...
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IWS Alumnus James Dodge

Jim Dodge: The Catechumenate Ancient & Future

Therefore, I am compelled to pursue the ancient traditions believing that in them the Church will rediscover the processes and essential foundations upon which it can return to transforming converts into disciples of Jesus Christ. However, in which of the ancient catechumenates will I find them? As will be observed, the contours of the catechumenate...
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Homiletics Online Interviews Robert E. Webber

Dr. Webber was scheduled to speak at a conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Radical Orthodoxy, where Homiletics was to meet up with him for this interview. But he called a few days before the conference to say that he had had back surgery and wouldn’t be there. So we met with him in his...
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Creator Magazine Interviews Robert Webber

CM: We are aware that you probably didn’t start out to be an “expert” in the art of worship. What sequence led you to be so involved and active in the worship arena? RW: My Doctorate is in Historical Theology. As I studied the origins of Christian thought, I realized that all truth was first...
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IWS Logo

Older IWS Worship Resources

Look for older IWS worship resources (like worship bulletins from Opening Convocation, Commencement and DWS 704 Practicum Healing/Communion services) that don’t appear here? We’re still moving some resources over from the old website; in the meantime try our legacy site.
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