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Robert E. Webber: God is Not the Object of our Worship

In recent years worship has been wrenched from the story of God and has been formed by some of the narratives of contemporary culture. Many find only a cultural manifestation of Christianity that bears no mark of spiritual nourishment or sustenance. Me-oriented worship is the result of a culturally driven worship. When worship is situated...
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Robert E. Webber: Worship and the Cosmic Order

One of the great tragedies of the Enlightenment era is that the Bible, God’s story, has been turned into a book of propositional statements. The modern method of learning is to set forth facts and then seek to prove those facts by reason and science. So we turned the elements of God’s story into factual...
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Robert E. Webber: A Call to an Ancient Evangelical Future

In every age the Holy Spirit calls the Church to examine its faithfulness to God’s revelation in Jesus Christ, authoritatively recorded in Scripture and handed down through the Church. Thus, while we affirm the global strength and vitality of worldwide Evangelicalism in our day, we believe the North American expression of Evangelicalism needs to be...
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Robert E. Webber: What We’ve Learned Along the Way (Reformed Worship Through Twenty Years of Liturgical Change)

It is significant, I think, to note that both the liturgical and contemporary movements, out of opposite histories, recognized the need to prioritize worship as the first thing—or at least, one of the firsts among several equals—that the church must be about. Worship is a first, because it is a source from which the mission...
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Robert E. Webber: God: The Object or Subject of Worship?

This article originally appeared in the September 2005 issue of Worship Leader Magazine. Many of you know that I have been struggling with the issue of me-oriented worship. Those of you who have walked this path with me—some agreeing, others disagreeing—are probably saying “Oh no, not another article on the same subject!” Well, yes, but...
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Robert Webber: How to Read an Academic Book

DO NOT read an academic book word for word, page for page, chapter for chapter. DO read a book like you would look at a picture, study its frames, and finally examine its details. Here’s how: 1. Get the big picture in sight. Read the back cover, the Contents page, the Introduction, the Conclusion. Spend...
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Robert Webber: The Divine Kiss

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2003 edition of Worship Leader magazine. I have been greatly challenged by many of my readers who have taken me to task for my statement that “a romantic relationship with Jesus is a lie.” The most common concern articulated by these writers has to do with the Song...
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Robert E. Webber

Robert E. Webber Interviewed Re: The Younger Evangelicals

Jordon Cooper interviews Robert Webber, author of The Younger Evangelicals. 1) If I am a leader of pragmatic evangelical church who came from a pragmatic evangelical seminary who is now faced with what appears to be a very incompatible world, what advice for me? Where do I turn next? RW: I think you have to...
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Robert E. Webber: How Will the Millennials Worship? (A Snapshot of the Very Near Future)

Reformed Worship asked Robert Webber, a long-time friend, to write an editorial for this issue in which we explore ways churches are dealing with the intersection of worship, culture, and evangelism. In this issue you’ll find several different approaches from a variety of denominational traditions that we hope will stimulate discussion in your worship committees,...
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Robert E. Webber: Ten Questions Youth Leaders Ask About Worship

At Biola University, a fifty-minute chapel is offered every day, Monday through Friday, but is required three times a week (M, W, F). Students have also initiated their own, student-led, worship services (mostly praise) on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Two to three hundred students attend these guitar-based events. Here are some changes I’ve witnessed in...
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Robert Webber: The Chicago Call (1977)

The Billy Graham Center center has a great archive of <a href=”” target=_blank”>Background Information on the 1977 ‘Chicago Call’. Alden Swan at has preserved the full text of the Chicago Call: An Appeal to Evangelicals. For further reading: Robert Webber’s Final Call.
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Robert E. Webber: The Way of Suffering (Revisiting the stations of the cross)

This article was printed in Reformed Worship in December of 2006. In the ancient church, pilgrims came to Jerusalem during Holy Week to follow the path that Jesus walked during his last days of suffering and to meditate on the final events of his earthly life. Gradually a tradition developed around the course of events...
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Robert Webber: Don’t Get Hung Up On Style

Reformed Worship editor Emily Brink met with Robert Webber one afternoon on the campus of Wheaton College in Illinois.
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Robert Webber: Bring Them In (3 Models for Evangelism Through Worship)

There is a story in the Russian Primary Chronicle that tells how Christianity came to Russia. According to this true story Vladimir, Prince of Kiev, sent several of his followers in search of “true religion.” They made a trip to Constantinople, where they visited the Church of the Holy Wisdom, and here they found what...
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Robert Webber: Enter His Courts with Praise (a New Style of Worship is Sweeping the Church)

A new style of worship has been spreading throughout North America and other parts of the world in the last several decades. While this worship approach is described by a variety of names, the one that seems to be gaining most acceptance is “Praise and Worship” (P&W). I want to explain what this style of...
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