4 Reasons to Start the DWS Program at IWS | Dr. Mark Murray, DWS
Looking back on it now, I can’t believe we thought it was the right time for me to be starting the DWS program at IWS. After all, my wife and I had a two-year-old, and baby #2 was arriving in just one month. Our church was in the process of sending us out as part...
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What the Asbury Outpouring Shows Us about Worship, by Jonathan A. Powers for The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies
The Asbury Outpouring, also known as the Asbury Revival, has been the center of discussion in Christian and mainstream media.
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An interactive webinar LIVE online with the author of Transforming Worship. Register now
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Institutions pursue IWS graduates for influential academic positions.
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The August 2022 Edition of the IWS Community Newsletter: Student, alumni, and faculty news, photos from graduation, articles from staff and faculty, and more!
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