Carla Waterman Seminar Reflections

Seminar attendees took a journey through lament in the Psalms of the Sons of Korah and emerged encouraged and renewed by hope from Carla Waterman's two-day seminar.
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News from the IWS Community, Spr 2015

Rebecca Abbott, D.W.S., Pi 2010, reports, “I’m taking some of what I learned from IWS on the road in May and June. Joining the Party: Celebrating Two Thousand Years of Congregational Song will be a walk through church history with a representative song from each era, a dynamic lecture-concert with audience participation. Please let us...
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IWS News Summary, Spr 2015

IWS Accreditation Reaffirmation The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) recently reaffirmed our accredited status. The accreditation evaluation team commended IWS for its “in-depth and thorough approach to the entire self-study process and its commitment to improve the Institution.” The team also commended IWS for its commitment to the mission, strong financial stability, exemplary retention,...
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Stories of Worship Renewal

We will never hear about much of the worship renewal taking place through the members of the IWS community around the world. But it is always encouraging and motivating when we do.
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James Hart: Right Worship

If you want the key to reading the entire biblical narrative, this is it—God calling his creation to right worship.
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Eric Bolger: How Can I Keep From Singing?

Jesus not only died for us but also freely gives us his own, resurrected life with all of its goodness and power. How, then, can we keep from singing?
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Alumni Focus: Coming Home to IWS

Beyond the warmth of community, being back on campus is an experience of "anamnesis."
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Constance Cherry: May I Have This Dance?

Three words to help us increase our participation in Christ-centered worship.
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Jim Hart: The Role of Historical Reflection in Worship Education

It is impossible to overstate the importance of embracing the authority of scripture as it is interpreted through the historic and living authority of the historic and living Church of Jesus Christ.
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Carla Waterman: “But the Sons of Korah Did Not Die”

Wearing the name of one’s shame and redemption is a powerful primer for prayer.
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What Are They Reading Now?: Faculty Recommendations

Course readings change over time, and IWS alumni are always eager to get updates on the teaching resources currently being used and recommended by IWS faculty.
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IWS Community News: Summer 2014

Updates from Anamnesis: The IWS Newsletter, August 2014.
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Hawn Seminar Reflections: Pure Delight

Michael Hawn and seminar attendees reflect on the June 2014 worship event at IWS.
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