Practicing For Eternity

In Lent we practice disciplines that help us to “improve” our Christian lives, becoming, hopefully, better than before.
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Dan Sharp

God’s Time and God’s Way

God works in his time and in his way. What started out as a very ordinary conversation with a friend turned out to be a catalyst to introduce our family to a new chapter in life.
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Greg Wilde

Dust Cannot Choose Where it Falls

Our job as dust is to make sure that we are anchored loosely enough that God can blow us where he will, and we will not resist.
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Chris Antill Photo

In Memoriam: Dr. Chris S. Antill

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Chris Antill died unexpectedly of congestive heart failure. Chris was the Director of Music and Worship at Fort Walton Beach First United Methodist Church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and had effectively served in church music and worship ministries for over 20 years. Just three months before his death, I...
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John Witvliet Seminar Reflections

“I find students and seminar participants at IWS to be so willing and eager to learn about every facet of worship ministry—theological, historical, sociological, and psychological—in both theoretical and practical ways.” (John Witvliet, January 2014). The January 2014 event was the second time John Witvliet was the guest lecturer for an IWS worship seminar. In...
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Jim Hart: Relevant Worship: Style Matters

Style may be negotiable, but the relevance of style is non-negotiable as it wraps the content and structure of Christian worship into a cultural call to intense devotional commitment to follow Christ and with him be poured out for the life of the world.
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Alumni Focus: My Journey–Receiving the Gift of Life

Gary Matthews, D.W.S 2002, shares his story of receiving a kidney transplant donated by a member of his choir.
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Anamnesis 29: February 2013

Anamnesis is an extension of and link to the IWS community. It helps us stay connected and hopefully a little inspired while apart. Be sure to follow the links to read all the articles excerpted below.
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President’s Column, February 2013 (Anamnesis)

The ethos of IWS is as strong if not stronger than ever! Thanks be to God.
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Carla Waterman

Carla Waterman: Adventures in Live Online Teaching

I only made one actual journey over the pond this fall. But from the comfort of my Florida sitting room, I have been virtually present by teaching a live online class on Christian Wisdom.
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