Worship Seminar


January 2019 Seminar: Worship and Eschatology w/Glenn Packiam

This seminar will examine the eschatological quality of contemporary worship by exploring how Christian hope is encoded and experienced in worship songs and services.
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Hans Boersma Seminar Event Gallery

Photos from the June 2018 IWS Seminar, Alumni Reception and Commencement.
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Carl Park Seminar Gallery

Revisit the January 2018 IWS Worship Seminar with Dr. Carl Park!
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June 2018 Seminar: Enchanted Worship w/ Dr. Hans Boersma

In worship we go up to heaven to join the angelic choirs, while heavenly realities become present here on earth. Join us as we explore the ways that worship grounded in a participatory outlook on life will re-enchant the cosmos as a whole and our liturgical Sunday morning worship of the triune God.
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