Worship Seminar


Christine Pohl: Truthful Communities

Living truthfully and speaking the truth in love require wisdom and discernment.
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Christine Pohl: Truthfulness

Choosing truthfulness in a culture of spin and exaggeration is difficult.
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Christine Pohl: Strengthening the Practice of Promising

The power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God enable us to keep the promises we make.
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Christine Pohl: Promising in a Culture of Open Options

It is very hard to make promises in a culture that celebrates choice and keeping our options open.
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Christine Pohl: Promises—Covenants or Contracts, Pt. 2

A consumer mindset is often behind the lack of commitment seen between persons and even with Christian organizations.
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Christine Pohl: Fidelity

Relationships are held together by the promises we make to one another.
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