“We Need a Healer”

Rev. Mike Waddey, a D.W.S. student, preaches on the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ into the world. The sermon comes from the closing Healing Eucharist, the DWS 704P Practicum during the January 2018 session.
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Heart of IWS: Don Frazure

How has God spoken to D.W.S. student Don Frazure through IWS? How has Don’s ministry and his own spiritual walk been enriched by his time here? Watch his 78-second testimony to find out! IWS is an innovative and respected institution of higher learning, but to our alumni, students, and faculty, IWS is a loving place...
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2018 Scholarship Fund Campaign

More new students are accepted each year who need the IWS Scholarship Fund and the continued generosity of donors like you.
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January 2018 Presidential Address: The Role of Beauty in Worship

“The most effective attainment of theological application comes through an enthusiastic embrace of objective beauty, because that is also who God is, the manifestation of infinite beauty.” Dr. Jim Hart addresses the IWS community on the subject of beauty in worship, guided by the eminent theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar.
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January 2018 Scripture Presentation

Here are the scripture presentations for the January 2018 chapel sessions, with the exception of the very first (Thursday, January 4) which we do not have a recording of. They feature tableau, Reader’s Theatre, liturgical dance, and other elements not to enhance the scriptures but rather to help them by the Holy Spirit come to...
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Create Dangerously [January 2018 Chapel Series]

Vice President for Spiritual Life Dr. Darrell Harris and Associate Chaplains Dr. Nancy Nethercott and Dr. Walter Brown explored various concepts relating to creation and creativity in worship during their chapel addresses at the January 2018 on-campus intensive session. You can find additional video resources from this session—including music and scripture presentations—on our YouTube channel....
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Donna Hawk-Reinhard: The Holy Name of Jesus [January 2018 Opening Convocation]

Dr. Donna Hawk-Reinhard, one of two professors teaching the DWS 704 course on the Sacred Actions and Ministry of Worship, preached on the Holy Name of Jesus at the January 2018 Opening Convocation.
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Christmas 2017 Message from the President

Greetings, The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. —John 1:14 NIV “No one would have expected that the One whose fingers could stop the turning of Arcturus would be...
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Heart of IWS: Valerie Grissom

DWS student Valerie Grissom says that because of what she has learned to implement from her studies at IWS, her congregation is realizing worship is not just one element in a service, “but everything they give becomes worship because they’re part of the divine narrative.”
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Lester Ruth: Mistaking Glasses for the Eye Chart (2017 Commencement)

The Rev. Dr. Lester Ruth returned to IWS to deliver the 2017 Commencement address on June 18, 2017. His message: let us not mistake the means and ministry of worship for its end—only one worship leader can make the Living God present to us!
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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You [June 2017 Chapel]

VP of Spiritual Life Darrell Harris reviews the June 2017 on-campus session and concludes the series “The Life Eucharistic: Traveling the Big Thank-You Highway.” Audio: June 2017 Chapel Series
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Healing & Thanksgiving [June 2017 Chapel]

IWS Associate Chaplain Walter Brown gives the 5th installment of the June 2017 chapel series “The Life Eucharistic: Traveling the Big Thank-You Highway.” His themes address healing, thanksgiving, unity, and diversity for the Kingdom of God and his people. A presentation of Luke 17:11-19 in Sea Island Creole (Gullah) was presented just before Dr. Brown’s...
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A Perpetual Feast [June 2017 Chapel]

IWS Vice President of Spiritual Life Darrell Harris gives the 4th installment of the June 2017 chapel series “The Life Eucharistic: Traveling the Big Thank-You Highway.” Audio: June 2017 Chapel Series
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Kintsugi: Chosen, Broken, Blessed, Given [June 2017 Chapel]

IWS Associate Chaplain Nancy Nethercott gives the 3rd installment of the June 2017 chapel series “The Life Eucharistic: Traveling the Big Thank-You Highway.” How can the Japanese art of Kintsugi illuminate or illustrate for us the Eucharistic life characterized by being Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Given Out? Audio: June 2017 Chapel Series
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