Dr. Chris Alford

Chris Alford: Worship (The Purpose of the Church)

God has made all creatures for his glory. Without knowing it, the lilies of the field in their beauty glorify God with a glory greater than that of Solomon, the sparrow on the housetop glorifies God, and the universe in its vastness and remoteness is the theater of God’s glory. But God made men and...
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Constance Cherry: My House Shall Be Called a House of…Announcements

Dr. Constance Cherry on “what is actually going on in worship today” : My House Shall Be Called a House of… Announcements. This article appears in Church Music Workshop (January-April 2005) Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN 37212 © CMC Unlimited 2004. This article is copyrighted material and may not be reproduced in any form without the...
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Homiletics Online Interviews Robert E. Webber

Dr. Webber was scheduled to speak at a conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Radical Orthodoxy, where Homiletics was to meet up with him for this interview. But he called a few days before the conference to say that he had had back surgery and wouldn’t be there. So we met with him in his...
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Creator Magazine Interviews Robert Webber

CM: We are aware that you probably didn’t start out to be an “expert” in the art of worship. What sequence led you to be so involved and active in the worship arena? RW: My Doctorate is in Historical Theology. As I studied the origins of Christian thought, I realized that all truth was first...
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Robert Webber: The Divine Kiss

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2003 edition of Worship Leader magazine. I have been greatly challenged by many of my readers who have taken me to task for my statement that “a romantic relationship with Jesus is a lie.” The most common concern articulated by these writers has to do with the Song...
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Lester Ruth: A Rose by Any Other Name

How would you classify your worship service? It is “contemporary” or “traditional”? Are those terms too limited? Would the terms found in some recent youth ministry training materials be more helpful? In that case, would you classify your worship as “linear” or “organic”? Are you still at a loss for the right classification? Would these...
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Robert E. Webber: How Will the Millennials Worship? (A Snapshot of the Very Near Future)

Reformed Worship asked Robert Webber, a long-time friend, to write an editorial for this issue in which we explore ways churches are dealing with the intersection of worship, culture, and evangelism. In this issue you’ll find several different approaches from a variety of denominational traditions that we hope will stimulate discussion in your worship committees,...
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Robert E. Webber: Ten Questions Youth Leaders Ask About Worship

At Biola University, a fifty-minute chapel is offered every day, Monday through Friday, but is required three times a week (M, W, F). Students have also initiated their own, student-led, worship services (mostly praise) on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Two to three hundred students attend these guitar-based events. Here are some changes I’ve witnessed in...
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Jack Van Marion: Bending God’s Ear

For the sake of spiritual depth, vibrancy, and variety, our priestly prayers should contain elements such as lament and adoration as well as confession and thanksgiving. But the main element is intercession, for that’s the liturgical function of these prayers. We petition God for both the church and the world.
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Robert Webber: The Chicago Call (1977)

The Billy Graham Center center has a great archive of <a href=”http://www2.wheaton.edu/bgc/archives/GUIDES/033.htm” target=_blank”>Background Information on the 1977 ‘Chicago Call’. Alden Swan at smallvoices.net has preserved the full text of the Chicago Call: An Appeal to Evangelicals. For further reading: Robert Webber’s Final Call.
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Robert E. Webber: The Way of Suffering (Revisiting the stations of the cross)

This article was printed in Reformed Worship in December of 2006. In the ancient church, pilgrims came to Jerusalem during Holy Week to follow the path that Jesus walked during his last days of suffering and to meditate on the final events of his earthly life. Gradually a tradition developed around the course of events...
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Robert Webber: Don’t Get Hung Up On Style

Reformed Worship editor Emily Brink met with Robert Webber one afternoon on the campus of Wheaton College in Illinois.
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Robert Webber: Bring Them In (3 Models for Evangelism Through Worship)

There is a story in the Russian Primary Chronicle that tells how Christianity came to Russia. According to this true story Vladimir, Prince of Kiev, sent several of his followers in search of “true religion.” They made a trip to Constantinople, where they visited the Church of the Holy Wisdom, and here they found what...
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Robert Webber: Enter His Courts with Praise (a New Style of Worship is Sweeping the Church)

A new style of worship has been spreading throughout North America and other parts of the world in the last several decades. While this worship approach is described by a variety of names, the one that seems to be gaining most acceptance is “Praise and Worship” (P&W). I want to explain what this style of...
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Robert E. Webber: As For Me and My House (Learning From a Jewish Model of Worship)

“This is a very special meal,” Yechiel said, “not only because you are here but because this meal represents the beginning of our Jewish Shabbal.” I listened intently as he continued. “It’s a day of rest, a time to remember our Creator and Redeemer, a time to be with the family, a time to establish...
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