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Worship Theology: June 2022 Presidential Address

In worship we have the great privilege of telling the world its true story, and bringing it to the right worship of the only God who is ultimately true, good and beautiful.
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Presidential Address January 2022: Catechesis Panel

For the January 2022 Presidential Address, Dr. Jim Hart convened a panel of experts to discuss Catechesis
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Presidential Address June 2021: Lilly Endowment Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative & the Mission of IWS

In the June 2021 Presidential Address, Jim Hart describes six key IWS initiatives being explored and assessed through the help of the Lilly Endowment's Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative.
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Disruptions: A 2020 Christmas Devotional

Disruptions. They often come uninvited, even unwanted, messing with routines, expectations, livelihoods and life itself. This year the pandemic alone brought extreme and unbearable disruptions to every aspect of life, from limited family gatherings to delayed weddings, from the fatigue of Zoom meetings to the devastation of empty seats at the family table.
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The Coming of Christ in a World Gone Wrong: An Advent Devotion

In a world gone wrong, our world, the coming of Christ in his truth, righteousness, justice, beauty, mercy and, above all, love, radically shakes things up.
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Giving Thanks in Times of Devastation and Loss: A Thanksgiving Devotion

In these times we are summoned thankfully to yet rejoice in the seemingly insignificant blessings of God, those blessings which tempt to pass unacknowledged and even unnoticed.
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Continuing a Legacy of Global Transformation: National Estate Planning Awareness Week is coming

A bequest is a simple way to create a legacy which generously provides for the future of IWS and demonstrates love and support for the advancement of our mission.
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Justifying God in the Midst of Suffering (Opening Convocation Homily, June 2020)

IWS President Dr. Jim Hart delivered the homily at Opening Convocation on June 10, 2020. In difficult times and discouraging spaces, how do we find our way to intimacy with God? How do we lead our congregations in worship with authenticity and Godly passion?
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Communion in a Time of Pandemic: Eucharistic Alternative Thanksgiving (June ’20 Presidential Address)

In the June 2020 Presidential Address, Jim Hart reviews the IWS mission before delving into a theology of incarnation as it relates to social distancing and the Eucharist.
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Holy Week in a time of pandemic

Our suffering in this pandemic is not a dumb suffering, but a redemptive suffering.
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Active Waiting: 2019 Advent Devotional

Advent helps us to feel the need for a Savior who has done for us what we can’t do for ourselves.
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Catechesis – June 2019 Presidential Address

Dr. James R. Hart, President of IWS, spoke on the process of catechesis and the related rites of worship at the June 2019 Presidential Address.
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