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Chapel Audio, January 2013

Chapel audio from the Jan 2013 Session. Series title: "It's Alive!"
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Chapel Series June 2012

Chapel Audio, June 2012

Chapel audio from the June 2012 On-Campus Session series "Create Dangerously" is posted below.
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Anamnesis 49: April 2023

This editions features what's NEW at IWS! Happy reading!
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Anamnesis 48: August 2022

The August 2022 Edition of the IWS Community Newsletter: Student, alumni, and faculty news, photos from graduation, articles from staff and faculty, and more!
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Anamnesis 46: August 2021

The summer edition of our alumni newsletter, with articles and updates from Alumni Director Kent Walters, President Jim Hart, Trustee Eric Bolger, and other faculty and alumni
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Anamnesis 44: August 2020

News, information, and resources from Director of Alumni Activities Kent Walters, the latest community news, an accreditation status update, articles from the President and the Academic Dean, and more!
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Darrell A. Harris

Anamnesis 43: March 2020

A special edition of "Anamnesis" dedicated to Darrell A. Harris.
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Anamnesis 42: August 2019

The August 2019 Edition of Anamnesis: The IWS Newsletter.
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Anamnesis 40: August 2018

The summer edition of the IWS Newsletter is filled with resources, inspiration, and information.
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Anamnesis 39: April 2018

The Spring 2018 Edition of the IWS Newsletter includes articles, news from alumni, stories of worship renewal, and useful resources.
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“Amen” [Living the Language of Worship]

In the concluding chapel service of the January 2017 on-campus intensive session, Chaplain Darrell Harris comments on the word "Amen."
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“Maranatha” [Living the Language of Worship]

Associate Chaplain and G.R.O.W. Center Co-Director Nancy Nethercott explores the the already-but-not-yet which the word "Maranatha" inhabits with wisdom from the mission field and persecuted church.
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“Selah” [Living the Language of Worship]

Chaplain Darrell Harris invites us to make room for "Selah" not only in our worship, but in our lives.
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“Hosanna” [Living the Language of Worship]

In our 3rd day of morning chapel, Guest Chaplain Dan Wilt explores the loaded word of praise "Hosanna." And what does "Hosanna" have to do with flipping tables, anyway?
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