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Here are some resources to assist in you the use of Technology for your work at IWS. For help email the Director of Technical Services.

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New Students: Welcome!

Here’s a quick overview of some important technology information. First, the major systems you’ll use in addition to this website:

  • Populi is the main administrative database that IWS uses. It houses directories, grades, evaluations, and more. Your Populi username and password are your “master” credentials, used for your email account, Moodle, myIWS, some library systems, and more.
  • Canvas is a Distance Learning System that IWS is using for a few courses. You will find the syllabus, discussion forums, and assignment submission modules there, as well as other important resources.
  • Moodle is a Distance Learning System that IWS uses for the online components of most of its courses and for general community interaction. You’ll find your syllabus and discussion forums for your courses there, as well as information specific to the upcoming on-campus session and more.
  • Email by Google is a full Google account, with loads of functionality. You should have received an email about this already. If not, contact the Director of Technical Services.

Check out our social media presence and follow us today — we enjoy staying in touch that way with our students. On this website, you’ll want to read the other material in the Student Life section if you haven’t already. Be sure to look at the Student Handbook  (during Orientation, you’ll be asked to sign a statement indicating you have read it). The resources section contains excellent material designed to help you in your studies and in your worship ministry context. The Academics section has information related to accreditation, the registrar’s office, policies, procedures, and evaluation. Of course, if you can’t find something you’re looking for, the search box is pretty good at locating it! We have some great tutorials below related to the various online systems at IWS.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All members of the IWS Community are expected to honor the privacy and confidentiality of information contained in Moodle, Populi, and other secure locations. Information and posts contained in forums should be assumed to be confidential. Thank you for your understanding.

Computing On-Campus

Most students will bring a computer or tablet with them to the on-campus sessions. We do our best to accommodate your technology needs while you’re with us. Read more…


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