Canvas 101: An Introduction


h3>A Canvas Course

Here is what the home page for an IWS course in Canvas looks like. You will see the Course Navigation Bar (links to navigate within the course) on the left, next to the Main Navigation. There should be a welcome page with a title like “CLICK HERE to get get started” as in the image below. You should always start there. Other introductory information will be posted in that first section (e.g., a downloadable copy of the syllabus). In most courses, faculty post resources about the on-campus lectures in another section. You may also see areas explaining work to be done prior to your arrival on campus. Most courses include links to helpful material relevant to your coursework. Your instructors may not have all course materials or assignments published on the first day the module is available; so pay attention throughout the semester.

Courses may be organized according to a few different methods, depending on how things make sense for the professor and the course content. Some may group all assignments in a single section, some will group things more chronologically. Some are organized by content or topic. Spend some time early in the semester familiarizing yourself with what is posted.

Once you have taken in the general course layout, go ahead and click the Syllabus link in the course navigation menu.