Q: What is the annual fund?

A: The annual fund covers the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a student at IWS. Tuition covers about 80% of our expenses. The balance of our needed income comes primarily from the annual fund.

Q: Why doesn’t tuition cover the full cost of educating each student?

A: To cover the actual cost of educating a student would require a significant tuition increase. Such an increase would violate one of IWS’s core values of affordability. IWS, like other private schools of higher education, generates its funding from a variety of sources. These include tuition, private grants, and fundraising from stakeholders. Tax-deductible donations to The IWS Fund directly offset the current year’s operating budget, thus reducing each student’s annual tuition cost and encouraging a diverse student body.

Q: Why don’t we do fundraisers instead of the annual fund?

A: Stakeholders support IWS because they believe in the mission of IWS as a world-wide center of worship renewal. Our stakeholders are located around the globe, making localized fundraisers difficult to do. The amount contributed through our annual fund is greater than a school would typically raise in a fund-raising event.

Q: How is the goal for the IWS Fund determined?

A: Based on enrollment and budget, the “gap” determines our annual fund goal after taking into account all of our sources of revenue. Enrollment and tuition revenue goals determine the potential operating costs for the new school year. This budget process sets our goal for the annual fund to bridge the gap of the expected revenues and budgeted operating costs.

Q: How much should I give?

A: As you are able. Many donors contribute monthly to the annual fund. Annual fund gifts range from $25 up to our Leader level gifts of $10-20,000 and above. If everyone gives as they are able, we can always reach our goal.

Q: Will a small gift make a difference?

A: Yes! IWS needs your participation. While the dollar goal is very important to meeting the annual budget, the participation levels help IWS receive foundation grants for projects and campaigns.

Q: How do I make my gift?

A: You can make your gift by mail, or you can make your pledge or gift by credit card online or by phone. Click here for details on how you can make your gift.

Q: Can I designate my gift to a specific area at IWS?

A: We ask that annual fund gifts be undesignated. Faculty and staff have already identified their needs and wants through the budget, therefore we are obligated to help fund those first. However, there are times when exceptions can be made for time sensitive opportunities. Please call IWS president Jim Hart to discuss at 904-264-2172.

Q: What is the matching gift program?

A: Many employers have matching gift programs which will match your gift with company funds. The IWS Fund qualifies for these matches as an educational institution. Check with your employer or call the office at 904-264-2172 to see if your company participates in this program.

Q: Will my gift be tax-deductible?

A: Yes. IWS is a 501(c)(3) not-for profit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.

Q: What is IWS’s tax ID number?

A: IWS’ tax identification number is 59-3576254

Q: What is the difference between annual fund, capital campaign, and endowment?

A: Gifts to a capital campaign allow us to build facilities, add programs, and strengthen our endowment. Capital campaign gifts are restricted to the specific purpose of the associated campaign. Annual fund gifts by definition are unrestricted, and fund the intentional gap between actual costs and tuition for each school year. IWS recognizes the long-term benefits of an endowment. IWS’ current endowment is very low, but it will grow over time through planned gifts and capital campaigns.

Q: When should I give?

A: While the IWS Fund accepts gifts throughout the year, your early gift or pledge reduces the cost of mailings and helps the school with its budgeting and cash flow. We ask donors to indicate their commitment by December 31 if possible. Payment on annual fund pledges is due by the end of the fiscal year, June 30.

Q: How often will I be contacted?

A: You will be contacted as often as necessary to secure your participation. In addition to the financial goal, there is also a goal of 100% alumni participation to help us with our foundation grant requests. The IWS Fund is staffed with volunteers, so the best gift you can make is an early commitment.

Q: How is my annual fund gift used?

A: The annual fund provides the funds needed to sustain an exceptional IWS educational experience.