D.W.S. student Meghan Benson preaches on Luke 5:18-25 the story of the paralytic healed by Jesus after being lowered by his friends through the roof. This sermon was delivered at the student-led January 2019 DWS 704 Practicum Service of Healing and Eucharist.
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Rev. Mike Waddey, a D.W.S. student, preaches on the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ into the world. The sermon comes from the closing Healing Eucharist, the DWS 704P Practicum during the January 2018 session.
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Jeff Barker
Professor Jeff Barker (DWS 702) preaches on the healing of 10 lepers at the January 2015 Opening Convocation. 2 Kings 5 Psalm 146 I Peter 2:1-10a Luke 17:11-19 Opening Convocation Bulletin Embedded Audio-Only Player: (Download link)
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