Stephen Hasper: Practicum Sermon

Stephen Hasper preached about the identity and work of Jesus at June's closing Healing Eucharist service (offered by the DWS 704P Practicum class).
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Christine Pohl Seminar Reflections

"The Worship Seminar with Christine Pohl was fantastic! Each session was rich with content and will be fodder for sermons and staff meetings over the next year" (Seminar 2016 attendee).
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June 2016 Commencement Address

The Rev. Dr. Dennis Andrews, CDR, USN, returned to the IWS pulpit to deliver the homily at the fifteenth annual Commencement Service.
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Christine Pohl: Hospitality

Congregations that practice hospitality are powerfully countercultural.
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Christine Pohl: Truthful Communities

Living truthfully and speaking the truth in love require wisdom and discernment.
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Christine Pohl: Truthfulness

Choosing truthfulness in a culture of spin and exaggeration is difficult.
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Christine Pohl: Strengthening the Practice of Promising

The power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God enable us to keep the promises we make.
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