Presidential Address January 2022: Catechesis Panel

For the January 2022 Presidential Address, Dr. Jim Hart convened a panel of experts to discuss Catechesis
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Jim Hart: Ancient-Future Worship & The Great Tradition (January ’21 Presidential Address)

Full Text Welcome to our new classes: the MWS Kaph 2 class and the DWS Upsilon 2 class, along with our returning students, faculty, staff, alumni and trustees. We warmly welcome you to our community of learning and faith. Purpose of Presidential Address: Keep before this community our God-given mission, and to explore various aspects...
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Re-Enchanting Worship: Beauty, Heavenly Participation, and Worship Renewal (June ’18 Presidential Address)

Here is the Presidential Address from the June 2018 on-campus intensive session. This talk addresses a way of understanding beauty that can transform the way we approach worship and worship renewal.
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Jesus’ Resurrection is the Good News [June 2016 Presidential Address]

IWS President Jim Hart explains in this clip that the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The complete address, available for streaming or download below, addresses why this should matter to worshipers and worship planners.
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Worship and the Heart of the Christian Faith

From the January 2016 Presidential Address: Jim Hart speaks on worship as the heart of the Christian faith.
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