Scripture Presentations from the June 2019 Session

During each IWS session, several scriptures are chosen for formal convocational worship as well as morning chapel services. I attempt to design various forms of presentation as a model of the ways that the arts can interact with the texts to communicate them well.
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January 2018 Scripture Presentation

Here are the scripture presentations for the January 2018 chapel sessions, with the exception of the very first (Thursday, January 4) which we do not have a recording of. They feature tableau, Reader’s Theatre, liturgical dance, and other elements not to enhance the scriptures but rather to help them by the Holy Spirit come to...
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Gerald Borchert: On Reports of Jesus’ “Wife”

Dear IWS friends, We have another small Coptic Gnostic fragment turn up (we have many) that is making head-line news from a professor at Harvard, and I thought I would write you a brief response. While the fragment is new, the idea that Jesus had a “companion” in Mary Magdalene is nothing new. Professor Karen...
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