The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies 2020-2021 Annual Report

From the President

Dear Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff, Trustees and Friends of IWS,

Over the years I have often stated that worship is the most important practice that humans can do, and therefore the study of worship is the supremely essential academic discipline. Since God created the world ex nihilo, or from nothing, then everything that exists in the entire universe (or multiverse), animate or inanimate, naturally occurring or manmade, is necessarily insinuated with God.

But, he is also other than everything that exists. Everything that exists, exists because of God and finds its being in God. And, God is present to his creation, sustaining it and eternally continuing to create. We who are followers of Christ are given the great privilege and responsibility to be priests of creation, to voice the praise of the voiceless creation back to God. What greater joy and honor is there in all of life? Alumni, students and faculty of the IWS community are serving as leaders and teachers of Christian worship all over the world, inspiring others to proclaim, celebrate, sing and enact the reconciliation of God in Jesus Christ, and with him be poured out in a priestly vocation for the life of the world.

The 2020-21 fiscal year was another strong year at IWS, thanks be to God. But, like last year, what a year it has been! Our January 2021 session was offered in the same virtual, semi-synchronous model of education that we used for the June 2020 session. In June 2021, we hosted a limited number of classes on-site, beginning to welcome a few students back to campus. But the majority continued to attend virtually. We anticipate hosting many more students back to campus in January of 2022. All of the faculty and staff have worked very diligently in these various modalities, and the students really stepped up to the challenge of the shifts in course delivery.

Enrollment remained strong this year, as did giving to the IWS Fund and the Scholarship Funds. IWS has continued its global initiatives, with one-third of our current student body holding non-American passports. Thirty-six new alumni received their degrees and embraced the commission to serve God through renewed worship, bringing our total number of degrees conferred to 693. Thanks be to God! The impact of IWS is steadily growing worldwide while remaining rooted in the theological perspectives, relational sensibilities and pedagogical philosophy of its founder, Bob Webber.

Please take a moment to read in this annual report how IWS students, alumni, faculty, staff, and trustees are making a real difference across the globe. The ongoing fulfillment of our mission is truly a team effort, a team that includes each of you. Many have taken their places in their support of our mission by investments of time, talent, treasure, and prayer, and we are deeply grateful. We are relying on your generosity toward God and your prayers to continue building the foundation we need for a secure future. Your gifts are wisely invested in our students and the mission of our beloved institute.

My wife, Carol, and I would like to invite you to participate with us sacrificially and joyfully in the mission of our school. As Galatians 6:6 states: “One who is taught the Word must share all good things with the one who teaches.” IWS is good ground into which you may sow your seed of spiritual and financial generosity toward God. Together let us all thankfully, joyfully and generously support the Lord’s work in the supremely important and Kingdom-building activity of worship renewal through IWS.

Grace and peace to you,
James R. Hart, President

From the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Dear Friends of the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies:

Thanks be to God for the many donors who have come alongside IWS as the Institute continues to serve His church. This is especially true during the Covid pandemic, and all the uncertainty involved. I am pleased that students and faculty will be returning to campus in January 2022.

Each session that I am on campus I am again reminded of the wonderful work God is doing here in the lives of our students. Robert Webber’s vision of a school focused on the theology of worship, imbedded in a local church, and in community is palpable. It is particularly evident as we gather for common meals, engaging one another and fellowshipping together, or when we join together in worship each morning in the sanctuary.

I thank each of you who have supported our ministry here at IWS. Your gifts are having a worldwide impact as worship leaders are sent back to their home churches, applying what they have learned. IWS is truly having an impact on the lives of thousands of God’s children around the world and you make that possible. Again, Thanks be to God!

In His service,
John Lindsell, Chair, Board of Trustees

The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies Board of Trustees

Dr. John H. Lindsell,
Chairman of the Board
Dr. Eric Bolger,
Vice Chair of the Board
Dr. Kai Ton Chau,
Dr. James R. Hart, President
Dr. Laura Story Elvington
Dr. Wendy C. Layland
Mrs. Sarah Monaco
Rev. Dr. Emmett G. Price
Mrs. Stefany Welch
Trustees Emeriti
Dr. Melva Costen
Mrs. Joanne Lindsell Webber, Esq.
Rev. Dr. Luder G. Whitlock
Mrs. Patricia Witt


You can see additional testimonies from students and graduates on our YouTube channel. For even more news about students, faculty and alumni, check out Anamnesis, the Alumni Newsletter.

Daphne Lau

Daphne Lau

M.W.S. Alumna (2020), D.W.S. Student

Charlie Sohm

Charlie Sohm

M.W.S. Alumnus (2020)

Kendall Bolam

Kendall Bolam

M.W.S. Alumna (2021)

John Caddell

John Caddell

M.W.S. Alumnus (2021)

Oluwatayo Oloyede

Oluwatayo Oloyede

D.W.S. Student

Thank You

Thanks be to God for those who give of their prayers, time, talent, and treasure! We would be unable to continue in our mission without your generous giving.

Leader ($10,000+)

Karen Carpenter & Edward Marram
Linda & Hugh Evans
James & Carol Hart in memory of Bob Webber, Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya, Gordon Jensen, C. Wayne Freeberg, and Woodrow W. Nail
Murray Family Trust in memory of Rick & Sherry Murray, Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya, Gordon Jensen, C. Wayne Freeberg, and Woodrow W. Nail
Wendy & Brad Layland
Sarah Wilson Monaco in memory of John Francis Sasen, Sr.
Stefany & Tom Welch
Patricia Witt in memory of David K. Witt and C. Wayne Freeberg
JCT Foundation

Benefactor ($5,000+)

Cort & Annette Bender
Eric & Janet Bolger
Constance Cherry
Joe & Mary Jamerson
John & Stephanie Lindsell
Christi Matteson in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya and C. Wayne Freeberg
Nancy Morris

Partner ($2,500+)

Jeffrey & Lisa Allred
Gerald & Doris Borchert
Jim & Bunny Cannon
James & Judy Dodge
David & Darlene Garmus
Bob & Janice George
Will Hall
Darrell & Janet Harris
Richard & Margaret Hunt in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Rebecca McCallister
Ella Munn
Grace Anglican Church, Fleming Island, FL
The Pine Tree and Myrtle Fund ~ Isaiah 55
Joanne Webber

Investor ($1,000+)

Jim & Mary Kay Altizer
Jeanne Anderson
Jack & Kay Bliss
Sally & Steve Boes
Paul & Kristi Cherry
David & Linda Collins
Linda Dufresne in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Dave & Cindi Ellison
Laura & Martin Elvington
Beryl Elwood
Wilson Fong & Red Ng
Susan & Choppy Goforth in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Edna Grenz
Milt & Helen Henderson
Levi Henkel
Andrew & Teri Hill in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Heather Hood
Lou & Angela Kaloger
Reggie & Shari Kidd
John Matteson
Doug & Margy Nihoul
Lois Pannabecker in memory of David Pannabecker
Bill Price
Jack & Rosanne Van Marion in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Kent & Candy Walters in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Ocean View Lighthouse Church, Norfolk, VA
Grant United Methodist Church, Fairmont, IN

Supporter ($500+)

Jeff & Karen Barker
Dan Becker
Jeff & Libby Berk
Alan Brisco
Dewey Brown in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Kai Ton & Wendy Chau
Rusty & Caroljo Creighton in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Karen & Gene De Young
Larry & Jill Ellis
Jacquelene & Sutton Farnham
Frank & Berit Fortunato
Lorn Gieck
Pamela Gunter in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Carl Hanes
Carla Henson-Bowden
Karen & Mark Hetrick
Steve & Janet Huntley
Melody & Kevin Kuphal in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Calvin Lam
Larry & JoAnn Leisher
Timothy Li & Mandy Cheng
Heather Li Ip in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Juan & Beatriz López in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Kendall & Cindy Lord
Greg Magruder
Bill & Dawn Maxon
Gary & Mary Nell McCoy
Michael & Mary Moratto
Tom & Teresa Morton in memory of Gordon Jensen
Simon Ng
Rory & Sue Noland
Carl & Chris Park
David Porter
Rune & Diana Rasmussen
Alan & Elissa Rathe
Renée & Dan Runyon in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Janet & Mark Sawicki
Daniel & Nancy Sharp
Grace Siu
Charlie & Charlotte Sohm in memory of Gordon Jensen
Jonathan & JoJo Wong
James Yiu
Aihe Zheng in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Kingsland Community Church, Kingsland, TX
Nationwide Foundation
Sawgrass Asset Management, LLC
Wakefield Baptist Church, Wakefield, RI

Contributor ($100+)

Travis Abercrombie
Gary & Sue Achtemeier
Patti Anderson
Warren Anderson
Chester Andrews
Margaret & Mike Baker
Diane Baltaeff
Greg Barmer
Meg Bellows
David & Lauren Belt
Meghan Benson
Fred & Monnie Blesse in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Johannes (Hans) Boersma
Anthony & Kimberly Bolkema
Linda Borecki in memory of Lyndel Vaught and Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Brad & Rhonda Bradford
Chris & Erin Brewer
Emily Brink in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Bob & Debbie Brinley
Marc & Cyndi Brown
Rob Burns
Sean Chang
John & Grace Chao
Ho Heung Cazaria Choi & Ho Man Wang
Perry Chow
Esther & Tony Chuang
Jessica & Scott Coleman
Judy Congdon
John & June Conlin in memory of Woodrow W. Nail
Bill Cummings
Bob & Pam Davies
Bill Davis
Harry & Leona Davis
Carmen & Kathy DeLisi
Dale Dirksen
Tim Dishongh
Cynthia Doyle in memory of Woodrow W. Nail
Bill & Teresa Drake
Jay Dyrland
Paul Edgerton
Bill Eichorn
Cassie Ernst in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Brandon Farlough in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Janet Faulkner
Jay & Cathi Faulkner
Jeff Faux
Julia & Daniel Fitzpatrick
Ryan Forbes
Jill Ford
Don & Rachel Frazure
Jennifer Freeman
Don Fugate
Keith Gaddis
Teresa Gardner in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya, Gordon Jensen, and Woodrow W. Nail
Sallie & William Garvin in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Dawn & Glenn Gilmore
Nancy Ginsburg
Susan Glade
Gary & Sherrell Hallquist
Malcolm & Joyce Hanson
Jun & Dorothy Harada
Tim Harrison
Carol & Peter Hayes
Chris Headley
Larry Heath
Elizabeth Headrick in memory of Woodrow W. Nail
Brian Hedrick
Dennis & Beth Hendricksen in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Carl & Eloise Hill
Teresa Ho
Jeff & Laura Holmes
Sheila Holtzclaw in memory of Woodrow W. Nail
Wally & Joan Horton
Bob & Catherine Johnson
Jessica & Bruce Jones
Nicki Jordan
Juliana Kam
Jacob & Bobbie Kaufman
Laura Keefer
Michelle Kirby
Kirk Kirkland in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Ron & Debi Laferriere
Julie & Nathan Lamb
Serena Lau
Jon Lawson
Jae Lesley
Yat Hin Leung & Christine Hung Wai Shan
Budianto Lim & Lidya Siah
Cheryl Lindsay
Shirley Ling
Ester Lo & Henry Leung
Clair Lundberg
David Madeira
John Magnuson
Bruce Makowski
Ken & Pat Makris
David Manner
Deanna Martello
Evie Martinez
Susan Massey
Gary Matthews
Pedrito Maynard-Reid
David & Jamie McCollum
Stan & Betty McKee
Holly McMurry in honor of Cazaria Choi, Irene Ku, and Gloria Chuk
Sarah Meggers
Luke & Ann Memminger
Ken Michell
Lou Millson
Brad & Missy Moffett
Steven Moll
Jeff Moore
George Moore
Catherine & Thomas Nance in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Jonathan & Glenda Nelms
David & Mandy Nelson
Nancy Nethercott in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Erika & Joseph Nieves
Eric & Eunice Ohlmann
Suzanne & Eric Olmon
Tayo Oloyede in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Sylvia Ooi
Kevin & Kara Paxton
Dave Pedde
Jonathan & Faith Powers
Emmett & Nicole Price
Eric & Becky Radecki
Mike & Kim Ramey
Israel Ramirez
Chuck & Robin Rinke
Jared Ross
Fred & Vicki Schert
Dannell Shu
Babs & Dave Shutt
Matthew Sloma
Jim & Sue Smith
David Smith
Nancy Stokes
Pat Stromsta
Robert & Kathy Thompson
Steve & Audrey Tice
Vincent & Cindy Tomei
Sandra Treffinger
Herbert Tsang
Brian Turnbow
Paul & Angela Turner
Elly Venolita
Cathy Vitek in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Mike & Robin Waddey
Dianne Wears
Julie Wiebe in memory of Michael Wiebe
Wave Wilkerson
Barry Wilson
David Wong & Regina Lau
Helen & Enoch Wong
Shirley & Edwin Woo
Bernice Wu
Mitze Yeater in honor of Darrell Harris
Teck Beng Yeo
Amazon Smile
Christianbook Group, LLC

Donor (up to $100)

Lindel & Kristee Anderson
Otis Autry
Lisa Baker
Don Barrick
Pat Bennett
Przemek Bogdan
Kendall Bolam
Domini Boling
Stephen Bomar
Lori & Jeff Bond
Ann Margo Cannon
Alexandra & Ben Carlson
King Chau & Cynthia Fong
Li-Chan Chen-Maxham & John Maxham
Tami & Jeff Cinquemani
Heidi Clark in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Georgia & Michael Clements in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Jeannie Cobb
Chris Cook
Alan & Lisa Cooper
Michael & Katie Cromwell
Christy Danner
Christian & Sharon Diffenderfer
Sandy Dinkins
Ann Doucette in memory of Woodrow W. Nail
Geoff & Pearl Dresser
Lori Elbert
Jordan & Emily Elgie
Phil English
Stewart Fenters
Dinelle Frankland
Tom Gavin
Shawn Gingrich
Cynthia & C.W. Goff in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Gary Gregory
Tim Gregson II
Valerie Grissom & Ben Juengel
Jennifer Harris in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Clif & Lynnette Harris in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Esther Hetrick
Carol & Tom Hochhalter
Samuel J. Horowitz in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Patty Howard
Susan & Rob Huckaby
Angela Isselhardt
Bill & Amy Kirkwood
Pamela Kirven in memory of Woodrow W. Nail
Helon Hei Lun Kwan
Daphne Lau
Stephanie Lawrence
Alan Lee
Leon Lim
Yolanda Liu in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Beth & Roy Markham
John & Darlene Markin
Marguerite & William Martin
Amy Matthews
Barbara McNeely-Bouie
Tony McNeill in memory of Bob Webber
Stella & Jerry Merchant-Vaughan
Erika Mine
Keith Molberg
Chris Monroe
Michael Murchison
Mark & Courtney Murray in memory of Rick & Sherry Murray, Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya, Gordon Jensen, C. Wayne Freeberg, and Woodrow W. Nail
Carol & Odis Newbern
Jonathan & Amanda Noël
Matt Packer
Carl Peters
Steve Phifer
Ira Pinkston
Vallen Prest
Peter Pursino
Cauly Redenius
Lee Rider IV
David & Rhonda Riegert
Daniel & Jordan Rife
Laura Ritter
David & Sandy Satterwhite
Kathy & Glen Schlecht in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
C. Scott Shepherd
Alan & Kim Shoumaker
Bob Sproul
Bob & Ellen Stamps
Lana & Tim Pollard
Rob & Ivalene Still in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Susan Stobe
David & Niiang Suum
Jon & Jada Swanson
Lois Tan & Ugene Ong
Kalina Tindall
Rich & Bonnie Van Voorst
Doris Wai
Lisa Waites in memory of Emmanuel & Juliana Bileya
Kenneth & Achlaï Ernest Wallace
Sharon & William Welsch in honor of Chaplain Dr. Nancy Nethercott
Liz Wetherby
Bill & Betsy Wolf
Jon Eric & Cindy Woodward
Tim Yoder
Lincoln Elementary Magnet School for International Studies, Plant City, FL in memory of Woodrow W. Nail

Legacy Giving Circle

Members of the Legacy Giving Circle have committed to honor IWS through endowed giving and/or estate planning.

Gerald & Doris Borchert
David Garmus
Jim & Carol Hart
Joe & Mary Jamerson
Brad & Wendy Layland
John & Stephanie Lindsell
Dyton & Tammy Owen
Gene & Claire Partlow
Dan & Nancy Sharp

Gifts In-Kind

Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL
Kendall A. Bolam
Alan Brisco
Cynthia Goff
Hugh Greene
Allison Hastie
Andrew E. Hill
Richard Hunt
Ginger & Gordon (deceased) Jensen
Gregory Magruder
Mark Murray
Ken Polsley
Levi Sisemore

Special Thanks

Dr. Robert A. Myers, General Editor, Webber Institute Books
Dr. Frank Fortunato, Director, IWS GROW (Global Renewal of Worship) Center


Scott Coleman
Barbara McNeely-Bouie
David Garmus
Jim Hawkinson
Anamarie López
Gene & Sharon Maszy
Doug Nihoul
Ken Polsley
Sue Polsley

Host Churches & Schools

Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church Jacksonville, FL
All Saints Episcopal Church Jacksonville, FL

President's Advisory Council for Excellence Members

Cort Bender
Lori Boyer
Ken Brewer
Rusty Creighton
Carmen DeLisi
Jim Dodge
Greg Driskell, Chair
Alesia Ford-Burse
David Garmus
Jim Hawkinson
Greg Holton
Steve Huntley
Joe Jamerson
Eddie Lockamy
Pat McSweeney
Don Moen
Doug Nihoul
Mark Scott

July 2020 - June 2021

The Year in Review

  • online practicum

    July-August 2020

    IWS conducts the DWS 702P and DWS 703P Practica, and the MWS Night of Worship, in an all-online livestream format for the first time in its history.

  • Joe Jamerson


    IWS co-sponsors the Experience Conference in Orlando, FL, and Mr. Joe Jamerson represents the school there.

  • Online Healing Service


    June 2020's DWS 704 class leads the first IWS Service of Healing in an online format. IWS mourns the loss of Trustee and Secretary/Treasurer Dr. C. Wayne Freeberg.

  • Hedrick book cover

    January 2021

    IWS welcome 30 new students. Webber Institute Books publishes Dr. Brian Hedrick's Music of Darkness: The Peril of Worshiping the Creation Over the Creator. Dr. Cherith Nordling teaches in DWS 704 for her final semester.

  • ATS Logo


    The Commission on Accrediting of The Association of Theological Schools grants IWS initial accreditation for the Master of Worship Studies and Doctor of Worship Studies degrees for the maximum allowable initial time period of seven years.

  • Lilly Endowment Logo


    IWS is awarded a $50,000 grant in Phase 1 of the Lilly Endowment's Pathways for Tomorrow Initiative.

  • Jim Hart speaks at virtual commencement


    The 34 graduates (15 DWS, 3 AGCWS, 16 MWS) of the Class of 2020 are honored in the first-ever IWS Virtual Commencement. Director of Alumni Activities Dr. Kent Walters begins a series of webinars for alumni continuing education, featuring Dr. Rory Noland and Dr. Glenn Packiam. #BobWeek results in another successful fundraising effort for Scholarship funds. Webber Institute Books releases Dr. Jerry Borchert's latest, Tension: Empowering Christian Thought and Life.

  • Constance Cherry Webinar


    Kent Walters conducts two more Alumni webinars with Dr. Constance Cherry, Prof. Jeff Barker and Dr. Tom Boogaart.

  • DWS 703 mixed modality classroom


    IWS welcomes 22 new students and honors 36 graduates (18 DWS, 6 AGCWS and 12 MWS). MWS 503, MWS 504, DWS 703, and DWS 704 are the first classes held on campus since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. New mixed-modality technology and equipment allows students to join in those classes live from off-campus.


Financial Report

For the year, Charitable Giving receipts totaled $345,390 (Unrestricted, Restricted, and Gifts-in-Kind).
Fiscal Year Revenue totaled $1,050,579 and Total Expenditures were $916,631.

Support IWS

We cannot say it enough: the ongoing work of forming servant leaders in Christian worship renewal worldwide depends upon generous gifts from our community. The IWS Trustees and PACE members have already committed to over $56,000 in pledges and gifts to give a solid foundation to our combined annual goal of $245,000. Please consider how you may participate with us in the renewal of the Church through a financial contribution and click an option below.


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Planned Giving

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Ways to Support IWS

  • Donate by check (mailed to IWS, 4001 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207), cash (in the office only, please), or credit card or electronic check (online)

  • Automated monthly giving (by credit card or eCheck, or through your own bank's online bill-pay feature)

  • Matching corporate gifts

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Giving Opportunities

  • Leader $10,000 & up

  • Benefactor $5,000–$9,999

  • Partner $2,500–$4,999

  • Investor $1,000–$2,499

  • Supporter $500–$999

  • Contributor $100–$499

  • Donor up to $100

Legacy Giving

We encourage the members of our community to employ long-term estate planning to maximize their legacy to their loved ones and to their charitable interests. We also strongly urge them to seriously consider IWS as one of their priority charitable interests. While the annual support of the IWS community is absolutely crucial to the fulfillment of our sustainable mission, deferred support like Estate Planning can leave a Kingdom legacy with an impact that spans generations. This kind of gift is the single most significant act of generosity toward God that most of us will ever perform.

For more information on this or any way of supporting IWS, call the office at 800-282-2977.


Give Monthly

Set up a recurring donation by electronic check or credit card (select “Give this amount monthly” on the form and adjust the term length as desired).

Give Now

Donate to the IWS Fund or Scholarship Fund today by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, or electronic check (or make a one-time gift by other means).

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