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  • January 4–11, 2023
  • June 21-28, 2023

Semesters begin prior to the on-campus visit and continue after. Contact the admissions office for details.


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  • Worship Theology: June 2022 Presidential Address

    Jul 29IWS

    In worship we have the great privilege of telling the world its true story, and bringing it to the right worship of the only God who is ultimately true, good and beautiful.

  • June 2022 Worship Services & Media Archive

    Jul 28IWS

    Here are the descriptions, video recordings and bulletins from the main IWS worship services during the June 2022 on-campus session.

  • Heart of IWS: Oluwatayo Oloyede

    Apr 22IWS

    “I have been impacted heavily by several projects and research that I have done at some point in my IWS Journey. I’d say that the most impactful of them all is the continuous renewal and… Read more

  • Heart of IWS: John Caddell

    Apr 7IWS

    “IWS is an extraordinary school led by extraordinary people. At a time when worship has unfortunately become a divisive issue for many churches, IWS offers a biblical, historical, and cultural path toward worship renewal. I… Read more