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Apply for Admission

Applications are now open for June 2023!

The Institute for Worship Studies offers two worship degree programs, the Master of Worship Studies (M.W.S.) and the Doctor of Worship Studies (D.W.S.), and two non-degree certificate programs. Courses are offered through a hybrid of on-campus intensives and distance learning.

The Institute for Worship Studies will encourage you to think more deeply, purposefully, and formationally about your own tradition’s approach to worship. Both degree programs are crafted in such a way as to be highly applicable and practical; rather than accumulating mere “head knowledge,” our students are expected to apply what they’ve been learning within their own ministry contexts.

Upcoming Intensive Week

June 21-28, 2023

  • New Student Orientation: Wednesday, June 21
  • Opening Convocation: Wednesday, June 21
  • Graduation: Sunday, June 25

Students, faculty, and staff gather from around the globe for our upcoming intensive session for eight days at our Jacksonville, FL, campus.

The on-campus experience is semi-monastic, designed to create a strong sense of community among the students, faculty, and staff of the Institute. We do this by keeping a rhythmic daily schedule and focusing on corporate times of worshiping, studying, eating, fellowshipping, and ministering together to develop our communal ethos.

Host Home Program

IWS offers a limited Host Home Program for those students who would not be able to attend IWS without housing assistance. Placement in a host home is not guaranteed. Members of local churches have offered to host students in their homes for no charge, providing a “home away from home” while you are here.

IWS Worship Seminar

June 26-27, 2023 taught by members of the IWS faculty

Just like being in the classroom again at IWS! Or, a great opportunity to see firsthand what everyone is talking about: the life-changing, ruinous experience called IWS!

The seminar will include 8 stimulating sessions over two days on topics of worship renewal by IWS faculty members, including:

  • Dr. Reggie Kidd, DWS 704 Professor
  • Dr. Constance Cherry, DWS 702 Professor
  • Dr. Dinelle Frankland, MWS 501 Professor, Academic Dean


The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies forms servant leaders in Christian worship renewal and education through graduate academic praxis, grounded in biblical, historical, theological, formational, cultural and missiological reflection in community.


IWS graduates will be academically and spiritually formed servant leaders who participate intentionally in the story of the Triune God, fostering renewal in the local and global church by shaping life and ministry according to the fullness of that story.


We are committed the unity of all knowledge of God’s story in history and in ministry as applied theology. We do not sever ministry from God’s story, but situate it in God’s story through reflection in the biblical, historical, theological, formational, cultural and missiological disciplines. We seek therefore to form all ministry by the Divine Narrative.

Education & Community

At IWS, you will meet other Christian leaders and teachers who share your same visions, passions, struggles, and questions. We value providing an environment that fosters and nurtures relationships over shared meals, morning chapel sessions, and evening worship workshops during the campus sessions. We are a community that prays, studies, and grows together.