Cooperative Educational Agreements

(Credit Transfer Agreements)

The Institute for Worship Studies has established cooperative educational agreements with other graduate theological institutions.

The purposes of these cooperative educational initiatives are:

  1. To enable students to take worship studies courses that may contribute to a degree in one or more of the cooperating institutions;
  2. To enable students who have completed IWS studies to be eligible for elective transfer credit when completing a degree at one or more of the cooperating institutions;
  3. To encourage cognitive and affective domains of students in the field of Christian worship.

These agreements allow IWS students to enroll in prescribed programs at any of these cooperating institutions and receive direct credits for equivalent IWS courses on a one-to-one basis, as approved by the registrar of the receiving institution. This may reduce the student’s required credits for completion of a program by as many as 12 credit hours. Additionally, students from these cooperating institutions may take courses at IWS and transfer the credits into their institutions on a one-to-one basis, as approved by their registrars, for up to 12 credit hours. At this time the cooperating institutions include:

Entrance and Completion Requirements

Each cooperating institution’s entrance and completion requirements will be defined in their respective catalogs. Students applying to study at either institution must meet all applicable entrance requirements for the institution to which they are applying. Entrance and completion requirements shall be determined, at the sole discretion of each institution, without requiring approval from the other institution. The entrance and completion requirements of each institution are subject to change, and may be changed at the sole discretion of each institution, without the approval of the other institution. Students shall be notified of any changes to entrance or completion requirements through a supplement to the catalog of the institution making such change(s).

Transfer of Credits

A student may complete his/her IWS studies prior to, concurrent with, or subsequent to commencing or continuing studies at a cooperating institution. The cooperating institution shall accept transfer of IWS credit hours on a one-to-one ratio (e.g., one credit hour obtained through IWS shall be accepted as one credit hour by the cooperating institution). A student may obtain transfer credit for up to twelve (12) credit hours of elective credit for completed IWS studies upon review and approval by the registrar of the receiving institution. Upon fulfilling IWS completion criteria for an IWS offering, a student may request that IWS send an Official Transcript of their IWS studies to the receiving institution. Upon receipt by the cooperating institution of an Official Transcript from IWS and a formal request for transfer credit, the student shall be awarded credit for the IWS studies in accordance with the above stipulations.

Additional Information

For more detailed information, please contact the registrar’s office.