Faculty Position

DWS 704: The Sacred Actions of Christian Worship


The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies (www.iws.edu) is seeking a part-time professor to teach an intensive doctoral level course in Sacred Actions of Christian Worship (applied sacramental theology). This course seeks to explore the sacred acts of worship in the ministry of the church, particularly Baptism and Holy Communion, from biblical and historical perspectives. This course also addresses the relationship of these two actions to Christian formation and pastoral care.

This course is taught on campus in Jacksonville, FL twice a year, the first to second Wednesday after January 1, and the last week in June (also Wednesday to Wednesday). This is a hybrid course which includes an online component in conjunction with the one-week intensive class time. All doctoral courses at IWS are team-taught.


For this specific course, IWS is seeking someone with:

  • Educational background in an appropriate field, including but not limited to: PhD in biblical studies, historical theology, liturgical theology, systematic theology, or a DMin in the appropriate area of study. Ordination is a plus but not required.
  • Experience in worship leadership including, but is not limited to, leading or planning corporate worship.
  • Experience in teaching at the graduate level.
  • Experience with, and appreciation for, a wide variety of corporate worship settings.
  • Knowledge of biblical and historical foundations of sacramental theology from the perspective of more than one Christian tradition.
  • Experience in teaching the course matter.


Additional requirements and details of this part-time faculty position are available in the following document:
DWS 704 Position Description 2021

Application Process

To apply, candidates should send 1) a cover letter that includes a general philosophy of education and teaching, as well as an explanation of their desire to teach at IWS, and 2) a curriculum vita that includes important background information.

Letters of recommendation are not required but are highly encouraged. Those nominating someone for this position should secure approval from a candidate before sending a letter of nomination that includes the candidate’s contact information.

The Faculty Search Committee will begin rank ordering the candidates by July 15, 2021. All applicants will be notified by September of 2021. The faculty member selected will begin November 2021 in advance of the January 2022 session.

Please send nominations or a cover letter and vita to Jack Van Marion, Chair, at email.