• “I am grateful for opportunity to participate in the learning community at IWS. I find it to be a place of great concern for the flourishing of the church, a deep desire to learn and grow, and a counter-cultural passion for learning from and about worship practices in a variety of times and places and denominational contexts. I find students and seminar participants to be so willing and eager to learn about every facet of worship ministry–theological, historical, sociological, and psychological–in both theoretical and practical ways.”

      Dr. John Witvliet, Director, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

The Institute for Worship Studies is an accredited graduate school whose curriculum is entirely focused on the study and practice of worship from an ancient-future posture. Two degrees programs are offered by the Institute: The Doctor of Worship Studies (D.W.S.) and Master of Worship Studies (M.W.S.).

Both degree programs feature a set of “core” courses and practical implementation components, and the courses themselves are patterned off of the popular Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) model. Each course features an on-campus intensive component preceded and succeeded by distance work.

All of our faculty members hold adjunct positions at the Institute and many of them teach at other exemplary institutions full-time or part-time during the rest of the year. They come from diverse denominational and academic backgrounds, but all are committed to the mission of IWS to “form servant leaders in Christian worship renewal” and all are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

IWS opened its doors to the first cohort of doctoral students in 1999 and has since graduated over 500 men and women into its alumni ranks. If you’d like, take a moment to read about our founding president, Robert E. Webber, and the history of the Institute for Worship Studies.

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