Late Work Policy

Requesting Extensions and Incompletes

If an Extension or an Incomplete becomes necessary:

  • The student first must request approval from his or her instructor
  • The instructor will notify the Registrar of the approval
  • Then the student should submit the form below and make the required payment (online or by contacting the office)

After the submission of the late work request, you will find links to continue to the payment process.

Student Responsibility

Our work at The Institute for Worship Studies is based on collegiality; therefore, meeting deadlines is a matter of Christian community. The promptness with which academic work is submitted is not only an educational requirement, but also a matter of spiritual discipline befitting any person in ministry. All students are responsible for meeting the assignment deadlines outlined in the course syllabi and the IWS Annual Calendar.


A student who, for good cause, cannot complete the work of the course by the end of the semester may be granted an extension at the discretion of the course professor. The extension must be requested prior to the course due date. An extension fee of $200 is required. A normal extension would be one month, again at the professor’s discretion. If the extension deadline is not met, the student automatically will receive an Incomplete. Students who are on the extended schedule are not eligible to take an Incomplete, as these students have already been given an extra semester in which to complete their work.


Students who have received an Incomplete in a course must complete that course before the end of the following semester before they will be allowed to take the next course in their degree track. An incomplete fee of $400 is required. If the extension fee has already been paid, that $200 will credited toward the incomplete fee. The incomplete fee is due on the tuition payment due date for the following semester. Students who take an Incomplete in a course must finish that course by the end of the following semester or fail the course. A failing grade may be eliminated or avoided by retaking the course.

Online Courses

As with all other courses, extensions for online courses require approval from the professor, submission of the late work form to the registrar, and payment of the $200 extension fee. The following restrictions apply to late work requests for online courses: Extensions for online courses are granted for a maximum of three weeks at the discretion of the course professor and are to be marked from the last day of the course, not the date of the request. Students must request an extension no later than the fifth week of the course; waiting until the final week is not permitted. Since the longest any student can be granted for an online course is nine weeks, Incompletes are not an option for any online course.