Registrar’s Office

Dr. Catherine Nance serves the Institute for Worship Studies community in the role of Registrar. The Registrar’s primary responsibility is to generate and service reliable academic records for all students and alumni in keeping with standards set by our accrediting associations and other regulatory bodies.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

At IWS, the Registrar is also involved in

  • evaluating academic credentials for admissions;
  • registering students each term;
  • generating class lists;
  • helping to implement academic policies and procedures, in concert with the faculty;
  • keeping students informed of their academic progress;
  • issuing academic transcripts; and
  • helping to ensure that the academic information in the Institute’s catalog is current and accurate.

Policies and Forms

Contacting the Registrar

You may contact the Registrar by e-mail or by calling the IWS office (904-264-2172 or 800-282-2977).