Anamnesis 50: August 2023

The 50th Edition of the IWS Newsletter, Anamnesis including alumni updates, news, and inspiring articles.
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Anamnesis 49: April 2023

This editions features what's NEW at IWS! Happy reading!
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Anamnesis 48: August 2022

The August 2022 Edition of the IWS Community Newsletter: Student, alumni, and faculty news, photos from graduation, articles from staff and faculty, and more!
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Anamnesis 47: April 2022

Spring 2022 Edition of the IWS Newsletter with a feature on Ukraine.
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Anamnesis 46: August 2021

The summer edition of our alumni newsletter, with articles and updates from Alumni Director Kent Walters, President Jim Hart, Trustee Eric Bolger, and other faculty and alumni
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Anamnesis 44: August 2020

News, information, and resources from Director of Alumni Activities Kent Walters, the latest community news, an accreditation status update, articles from the President and the Academic Dean, and more!
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Darrell A. Harris

Anamnesis 43: March 2020

A special edition of "Anamnesis" dedicated to Darrell A. Harris.
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Dr. Darrell A. Harris Gallery of Memories

A photo journey of Darrell Harris' 20-year tenure as IWS Chaplain.
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Alumni Tribute to Darrell A. Harris, IWS Dean Emeritus of the Chapel

Our genuine love for Darrell Harris is represented in these collected memories and sincere words of appreciation.
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The Way We Were . . . and Are: View from the Chaplain’s Chair

Darrell Harris tells the story of how IWS chapel worship evolved over his 20-year tenure as Chaplain.
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