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Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 9:30 am ET

Saturday, May 11, 2024 at 9:30 am ET

Let Us Draw Near with Dr. Ron Man

A live discussion with the author of Let Us Draw Near: Biblical Foundations of Worship

Let Us Draw Near: Biblical Foundations of Worship is a comprehensive compendium of what the Bible teaches on worship. More than that, Ron has taught this material in 40 countries over a period of 25 years, thereby testing and retesting the most effective ways to organize and present these timeless and essential truths about worship—its content, practice, and contextualization in various cultures.

From the book cover: Features distinguishing this book from other similar studies include: 1) a tracing of the foundational Revelation and Response pattern through the Scriptures; 2) a more thorough treatment of New Testament texts than is often found; 3) a comprehensive treatment of the crucial role of Jesus Christ as the true Leader of our worship; 4) a consideration of worship as it relates to world missions; and 5) a concluding summary of twelve “Biblical Principles of Worship,” synthesizing the results of the study.

The Webinar

In this webinar, Ron will highlight several distinctive topics in his book including the foundational principle of Revelation and Response, the centrality of worship in biblical and human history, the liberating truth of Jesus as the true Leader of worship, and intersection of worship and culture in our churches and in world missions. Time will be reserved for questions and answers.

About Ron Man

Ron Man (M.M., Th.M., D.Min.) has served as a pastor, worship pastor, and missionary. He is Missionary in Residence at First Evangelical Church in Memphis, Tennessee and Director of Worship Resources International, a ministry that assists churches around the world through teaching and resources for worship, the arts, and missions.

Ron writes the monthly newsletter Worship Notes and posts daily Worship Quotables. He is the author of Proclamation and Praise: Hebrews 2:12 and the Christology of Worship (Wipf & Stock, 2007). His new book is a major distillation of his teaching over the past 30 years: Let Us Draw Near: Biblical Foundations of Worship (Wipf & Stock, 2023).

He serves on the Steering Committee for the Biblical Worship section of the Evangelical Theological Society, the Executive Board of the Global Consultation on Arts and Music in Missions, and on Board of Directors of the Worship Educators Association. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary and Kairos International University.

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