The IWS Fund

Students sitting in lecture, June 2014

Your Annual Fund Gift
bridging the gap

Our students experience the IWS mission through the hard work and talents of our faculty and staff each day. Your tax-deductible gift to The IWS Fund bridges the gap between tuition and actual operating costs to sustain IWS’s mission each year as a high achieving Christ-centered graduate school. The IWS Fund provides critical annual monetary support to bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of operating IWS, including staff and faculty compensation, technology costs and facilities costs. This gap is approximately $1,300 per student or about $150,000 per year.

Every member of the IWS community, including faculty, staff, board members, alumni, students and friends, is encouraged to support our mission with a tax-deductible gift to The IWS Fund. Tuition covers 80% of IWS’s annual cost. The remaining 20% comes from our generous community. A high percentage of giving reflects a strong and dedicated school community. Foundations and corporations look for high participation rates when evaluating requests for grants and donations.

Simply, your gift to The IWS Annual Fund is a blessing to each IWS student.

Annual Giving Support Levels

Leader $10,000+
Benefactor $5,000+
Partner $2,500+
Investor $1,000+
Supporter $500+
Contributor $100+
Donor Up to $99