On-Campus Intensive Sessions

The On-Campus Intensive is at the heart of every IWS course, so much so that each semester is named after its intensive (also referred to as the “session”). Students, faculty, and staff gather from around the globe for eight days, twice a year (an Extended Track is also available), at our Jacksonville, FL, campus.

The on-campus experience is semi-monastic, designed to create a strong sense of community among the students, faculty and staff of the Institute. We do this by keeping a rhythmic daily schedule and focusing on corporate times of worshiping, studying, eating, fellowshipping, and ministering together to develop our communal ethos.

Intensive sessions are held each January and June, from Wednesday one week through Wednesday the next. January’s on-campus session almost always begins on the first Wednesday of the year; the summer session usually begins the next-to-last Wednesday in June and runs through the following Wednesday. New Student Orientation begins the morning of the first Wednesday of the on-campus session.

There is no dress code for the on-campus weeks. Florida is hot and humid in June and usually cool or even cold in January, although it can be warm then as well. Students should dress accordingly and be prepared for occasional inclement weather as travel between separate buildings on the campus will be required.

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