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Important Changes Coming to Online Access March 1


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By now, you should all have received an invitation to set up an account with Populi. Beginning Friday, March 1, you will use your Populi login to gain access to your @iws.edu Google services including your @iws.edu email account. That means when you try to access your IWS email, you will be directed to a Populi login page and prompted for your username (which remains unchanged) and password (which you did during the aforementioned Populi setup). If you have set up your phone or a program on your computer to access your IWS email, you will need to change the password you entered to match the password you gave to Populi.

Our intention is to have similar integration active for Moodle before the June 2013 courses are available there.

If you have not received an email invitation to Populi, if you have trouble setting up your account, or if you have forgotten your Populi password, please email the Director of Distance Learning Technology now. If you have set up your account, you can access Populi through the Resources menu, the link in the footer of every IWS page, or by bookmarking this link.

Populi is not replacing Moodle. It is replacing several other resources, like the online directories, communications, the grades & transcript system, and course evaluations. Over the next few months, many of the disparate online resources IWS uses will be consolidated into Populi. Transitioning away from Moodle for course management and online course interactivity is not on our roadmap.

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