Oct 2, 2023: Ancient Spirituality

Ancient-future spirituality goes back in order to go forward.
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Death of IWS Trustee Emerita Dr. Melva Costen

Dr. Melva Costen was a leading voice in church music and worship, with a particular emphasis on African-American music and liturgy. She was a good friend of IWS founder Robert Webber and served faithfully on the IWS Board of Trustees for a number of years, stepping down in 2015 due to poor health. She earned...
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Sep 11, 2023: Spirituality in a Nutshell

Here is Robert Webber at his best, articulating huge concepts with few words--in a nutshell.
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Sep 4, 2023: Essential vs. Secondary

The spiritual life is not determined by second-order commitments.
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Comparing the Cost of Worship Studies Programs

Are you comparing the cost of worship studies programs? We know that enrolling in a graduate program in worship studies is a big decision and a major investment of limited and precious resources of funds and time. But is it a worthy investment? IWS founder Bob Webber said, “Worship is the key to the renewal...
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Financial Aid Availability for Graduate Education

There are three basic types of financial aid for graduate education: Title IV federal student loans Institutional grants and scholarships External scholarships Most of the schools on IWS’s list of competitor schools offer a combination of federal student loans andinstitutional aid. Just three, including IWS, B.H. Carroll, and New Orleans Baptist, only offer institutional aid...
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Educational Delivery for Graduate Education

There are three basic types of educational delivery for graduate education: In-person/on-campus A hybrid of online and in-person intensives Fully online IWS embraces a hybrid of an online and in-person intensive model of educational delivery for graduate education. The IWS low-residency educational approach is focused on building an intentional learning community through face-to-face interaction. The...
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Intergenerational Worship

Intergenerational worship seeks to bring all generations together as equal, valued participants in the divine relationship of the triune God, being formed in our participation with God and one another to be the body of Christ and embody the fullness of the gospel, proclaiming God’s ongoing redemption of all creation.
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Anamnesis 50: August 2023

The 50th Edition of the IWS Newsletter, Anamnesis including alumni updates, news, and inspiring articles.
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2023 Worship Seminar Gallery

Photos from the June 2023 "Faculty Perspectives" Worship Seminar at IWS
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