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Gordon T. Smith
January 2013

Audio files from the Gordon Smith Worship Seminar, Worship and Sacramental Spirituality
are posted below.

Click here to see pictures from the seminar.

Click here to download the seminar outline (PDF).

Seminar description: This seminar examines the vital place of the Lord’s Supper in Christian worship and how this holy meal informs, shapes and animates Christian spirituality. While primary attention will be given to the Lord’s Supper, we will also be asking what it means to worship as the baptized (or, as those who might be on the road to baptism). Also, from diverse perspectives we will consider how the celebration of the sacraments fosters a truly Trinitarian spirituality.

Use the embedded player to listen on this page, or right-click a track title to save it for later.

Session 1a: Word and Sacrament (31:03)

Session 1b: The Meaning of the Christian Life, Jn 15:4 (25:24)

Session 2: Sacraments as Symbol (51:36)

Session 3a: Communion as Fellowship with Christ and One Another (32:23)

Session 3b: Forgiveness in Christian Spirituality (16:49)

Session 4: Confession in Christian Worship (57:21)

Session 5: Covenant: Sacramental Life, Mission and Justice (60:04)

Session 6a: Nourishment: Lord’s Supper as “Means of Grace” (31:58)

Session 6b: Frequency of the Lord’s Supper (43:18)

Session 7a: Location of the Sacraments and Authority to Preside (23:02)

Session 7b: The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Lord’s Supper (12:45)

Session 7c: Remembrance and Anticipation (27:25)

Session 8: Eucharist: Lord’s Supper as Thanksgiving (47:19)

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